7 Efficient Eating Habits for Boosting Metabolism

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Fast metabolismCan there be anything more annoying than a slow, sleeping metabolism cycle?

Feeling always uncomfortable, nervous…. in a word, not very happy in your own shoes!

Well, good news: there is a way out… simply adjust and modify your eating habits and your metabolism will have to follow the conditions imposed!

Eat Well: Feel Great!

The truth is that nobody likes a slow metabolism. So, in order to avoid any type of unpleasant situation, how about browsing the following list of tips on how to boost metabolism:

  • Add protein to every meal –  reluctant to remember the importance of proteins…so, include at every serving nuts, light meat, plain (more…)

Building A Gym At Home With A Small Budget

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Home fitnessIn our attempt of escaping or avoiding physical exercise, we come up with all sorts of interesting excuses, more or less true.

In this sense, the financial aspect is often invoked…that we don’t have enough money for the monthly subscription, that we have to buy new equipment for going at the gym and so on….it really seems like an impossible mission!

However, mean people, people who want to see us slim and fit have come up with all sorts of ideas and solutions to solve the issue. For example, how about setting up your personal gym at home by spending only a couple of hundreds of dollars? It sounds impossible…in reality, it is not!

Setting Up a Gym- What, Where and Why!

The list of ‘must haves’ of any gym home collection starts with a generous working space. Maybe a little room unused or the garage, if the (more…)

Exercise Away Your Cellulite

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CelluliteCellulite. We all hate it.

It can plague anyone, whether overweight or not.

Cellulite is the result of fat deposits right beneath the skin, that cause the tissue to distort and dimple, creating the infamous cottage cheese.

No amount of miracle cream or weird treatment will help you get ride of cellulite though, although some will cause it to disappear for some time.

The best remedy for cellulite is an improved diet and increased exercise. While not a quick-fix, these will lessen the appearance of your cellulite a lot, and for a longer time than anything that would come out of a jar.

Exercising, with both strength and resistance training as well as (more…)

Turning Your Kitchen Around

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No cookies no sweetsWe usually all start our diets with the best intentions, then a moment of weakness hits us, and we find ourselves elbow deep in cookies and chips.

It happens to the best of us.

If you are dieting, one of the best strategies to ensure that weak moments don’t necessarily have to do you in, is to simply get rid of the temptations around you, starting in the obvious and usual suspect: the kitchen.

First things first, is to assess what you need to get rid of. Start with obviously unhealthy items that wouldn’t do you any good, whether (more…)

Feeling Like A Snack?

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Blueberries and strawberriesSnacking is really what does most diets in.

We don’t eat enough during meals, and then we find ourselves starving a couple hours later, and tempted to snack on a Happy meal, giant slushie or large pizza.

Curbing snacking is a great way to keep your diet on track, but its not just snacking itself that can be damaging to your waistlines.

It is what we snack on, that is really the culprit.

So before you start thinking that you have to starve between breakfast and lunch, here are some fun and healthy snack ideas that will tide you over between mealtimes.

1. Bananas and peanut butter

Rich in protein and potassium and very delicious, bananas and a (more…)

Getting Rid Of Back Fat

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Fat backWe all know that there is no way to target particular areas of our body for weight loss, or to spot reduce, as its commonly known.

While spot reducing could be awesome, if it actually worked, it generally doesn’t.

This is why hundreds of crunches, or leg lifts, won’t necessarily help you reduce the fat in your stomach or thighs.

The only way to reduce fat on a particular area of your body, is through overall weight loss by cardiovascular activity and/or resistance training.

Most women have issues with those pesky rolls of fat on our backs, beneath our armpits, bras and in the lower back and love handles area. Try as we might, we can’t seem to get rid of those unsightly rolls.

Trying to spot reduce your back fat won’t work, you first have to (more…)

Smoking And Your Weight

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Blue smokeWe all know the dangers of smoking cigarettes.

Smoking can lead to chronic bronchitis, other respiratory issues, heart disease and lung cancer, just to name a few.

That’s also not counting the nasty physical effects, like blackened lips, yellowing teeth and scary breath.

What we don’t hear about too much though, is the correlation between smoking and being skinny. Its no coincidence that smokers often appear to be slimmer than the average non-smoker.

The primary additive in cigarettes, nicotine, is known to suppress appetite, and this is why many smokers associate a drag with a snack or mealtime. Long- term smokers can attest that the relief and sense of relaxation and comfort, that comes from smoking a cigarette is akin to that of eating a large and yes, delicious, meal.

This is because, nicotine acts on specific receptors in the brain (more…)

Eating Seasonally

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Fruit salad in a melonMany of us don’t give a second thought, to what’s in season and what’s not, when we go to the grocery store.

Thanks to modern technology in food processing and storage techniques, we’re able to eat much of the same foods year-round.

This however, is not the way that our ancestors ate and there has been some research that has proven that eating foods out of season actually contributes to some health and weight problems, like allergies, diabetes and even obesity.

There are several reasons for this, with the most obvious being that, foods available out of season are often altered, or filled with preservatives that can do damage to our bodies.

Out of season vegetables, for example, are typically grown in (more…)

Making The Most Out Of Your Run

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JoggingRunning is great form of cardio, that we should all participate in, fairly regularly.

It can literally help you shed the pounds.

If you’re wanting to lose belly fat, don’t think that you can spot-reduce with millions of crunches each day, there’s no such thing, your best solution is to do cardio activity, and burn those calories, and running is surefire way to do so.

It can be easy to coast on your run though, and not make the most of it. Here are some examples of what not to do:

  1. Running at snail’s pace, talking on the phone and chugging (more…)

Couch Potatoes Can Workout Too

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Couch potatoFinding time to exercise can be difficult for many of us.

In between our busy work or school schedules, our social calendars and family lives, we are often unable to prioritize going to the gym or working out in general, as we probably should be doing.

To maintain our health and weight, we should be fitting in physical activity at least three times per week.

That can seem daunting for those of us who work, go to school, or have a hectic family life.

Many of us who lead busy lifestyles find our only reprieve when we return to our houses and sit in front of the television, on the couch, with a glass of wine and a slice of cake. We can sometimes spend hours and hours in front of the television, not even realizing what we are doing, sometimes even (more…)

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