15 ways to boost your fat burning process

Fast Fat Burning

The weight loss process can be accelerated if you can find methods to increase the body’s fat burning processes. You can do that by using fat burners (which is easier, but unhealthy) or you can do it through old, healthier ways.

Here are 15 ways to increase the body’s fat burning process, except your regular exercises.

1. Reduce your calorie intake with 10%-15%

The formula is simple, you eat less = you weight less, but be careful and don’t exaggerate!

This can lower your energy level and can keep you out of the gym. Even more, a dramatical reduction of your calorie intake can lower your metabolism rate.  If you moderately reduce the calorie intake your body will have less calories from food to “burn” and it will be forced to use your body fat as energy.

2. Replace some complex carbohydrates with vegetables

Instead of eating one cup of rice, eat 2 cups of broccoli,, for example or 1 cup broccoli with 1/2 cup rice. Vegetables are usually lower in calories so you can eat more and still meet your daily calorie target without being hungry.

3. Vary you daily calorie intake

Let’s say your target is 1500 calories per day. You could eat every day 1500 calories or you could eat during weekdays 1300 calories and during the weekend 2000 calories. This way you will not feel frustrated and you will be able to stay on track for a longer period of time.

If you vary your daily calories intake, your body will not adapt too fast to the new diet and you will lose weight much faster.

4. Eat good fats

Most dieters avoid fats because, of course, 1 g of fat has more calories than 1 g of carbohydrate. We are facing two problems:

  1. Fats are good for you! For example omega-3 fatty acids cannot be synthesize by the human body, therefore, this essential nutrient must be obtained from food. You should try to limit animal fat if you have cholesterol problems and introduce virgin oil (olives or grapes), nuts or fish into your meals .
  2. The second problem is that people tend to overeat carbs like rice, pasta, grains or potatoes. You should eat carbs because they are a good energy source for your gym trainings, but keep an eye on the quantities.

6. Don’t skip meals

You may think that skipping a meal it’s a good thing because iy will reduce the calorie intake. Wrong! When you want to lose weight, you cannot succeed unless you have patience. You did not get the extra weight over night, so don’t expect to lose it over night. Don’t starve yourself! Eat the necessary nutrients.

If you skip meals you will only get more hungry in the eventing and you will eat anything you can grab, just before bedtime. The best way to avoid this is to organize your meals when you are not hungry and stick to your schedule.

7. Split meals

Calculate how many calories you need to eat daily to accomplish your objectives and split them into 5-6 smaller meals. This way your insulin level will be lower during the day and together with a proper calorie intake you will reach your goal in a short time.

8. Reduce animal fats

In order to lose body fat you have to reduce your calorie intake and one way you can do that is choosing leaner meat and reduce fat dairies. As I said at number 4, you should eat fats, but good fats. When it comes to dairies, chose medium fat. Even thou you could be tempted to eat the 0% fat yogurt, don’t. Some vitamins need fat to be processed by your body.

9. Increase the protein intake

When you decrease the calorie intake it’s a big chance that you start to lose muscle mass if you don’t eat enough proteins. The RDA’s recommendation for protein is of 0.8 g/kg, but if you exercise heavily, you might need to up your protein intake to 1.5-2 g/kg, because resistance training and endurance workouts can rapidly break down muscle protein.

10. Drink water

A dehydrated body can cause inefficient weight training and a slow metabolism, so drink enough water, but don’t overdo it.

11. Morning coffee

Caffeine is not for everybody, so you should check with your doctor before using coffee in your weight loss program. The precise amount of caffeine necessary to produce the desired effects varies from person to person depending on body size and degree of tolerance to caffeine. It takes less than an hour for caffeine to begin affecting the body and a mild dose wears off in three to four hours. Consumption of caffeine does not eliminate the need for sleep: it only temporarily reduces the sensation of being tired.

Caffeine increasing the capacity for mental and physical labor. There were several studies conducted with relevant results. One particular study of trained runners showed a 44% increase in “race-pace” endurance, as well as a 51% increase in cycling endurance, after a dosage of 9 milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight.

12. Eat complex carbs before training

Nuts, seeds, sweet potatoes, brown rice, whole-wheat bread can be a good source of complex carbs before weigh lifting.

13. Don’t eat too much before bedtime

Big meals before bedtime will certainly transform into body fat because your body cannot consume all the calories. Try to eat a small protein meal instead.

14. Spice it up

Red chili pepper and other hot spices can increase your metabolism. Don’t expect miracles, but adding hot pepper to your chicken can increase body’s thermogenesis.

15. Eat your favorite food

Don’t skip your favorite food when you’re on a diet, even thou it’s ice cream or chocolate. You cannot expect massive weight loss over night, so you could be on a diet for months. In this period you will feel the urge to give up just to eat one chocolate and you will do it,  if you do not anticipate this.

You can create a reward system and allow two small pieces of chocolate or one fruit ice cream (for example) after working 15 minutes extra to the gym or after losing 3 kg. This way you can control the time, the quantity, the frequency and the quality of your “cheats”.

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  1. Ahd Akhtar

    8. July 2008 | 22:21 h

    wonder why no one gave a comment on this one.well, its a nice article and easier to understand with just the right amount of information.

  2. manu

    19. December 2008 | 09:50 h

    hey guys its really a good artical . easy to understand i like u people also read tis artical n have a good body…

  3. Kirsty

    1. April 2009 | 16:38 h

    I agree with this and all of the information was great. All it takes is portion control, frequent workouts, lots of water, cut down white carbs, fat and sugar. You will see the weight drop

  4. parag

    10. August 2009 | 08:29 h

    yaa its really a good article

  5. Kristen Mathers

    18. December 2009 | 10:50 h

    These tips are really easy to read, and understand, and follow. Thanks babe!

  6. Joseph Zolman

    4. April 2010 | 11:10 h

    Great article! Great site too!

  7. Uche

    21. September 2010 | 23:51 h

    What other stuffs like drugs/medicine can I take to loose 10kg in 1 month?

  8. Nessie

    4. October 2010 | 18:06 h

    Uche, no drug or medicine compares to a healthy diet. You will gain back all the weight loss once you stop taking the pills. It’s safer, simple, cheaper and it make you feel better if you have a healthy diet and you exercise regularly.

  9. Sue Wong

    8. November 2010 | 16:09 h

    Thank you for the great information, I am just wondering can drinking tea loose weight? Thanks!

  10. veera

    12. November 2010 | 14:40 h

    really superbb article & vry easier to understand as well

    Great Job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. amandahugankiss

    14. December 2010 | 06:04 h

    yeah the article was great!!

  12. erica

    6. January 2011 | 05:26 h

    i think this article is bad. i feel that losing weight is not about calories. is about what type of food u eat. if u take a 1000calories of white rice and a 1000calories of meat. u still loses weight if u have chosen meat. just cut down on sugar and simple carbs. u can eat even more meat and veg it doesnt matter.

  13. Nessie

    6. January 2011 | 08:30 h

    Hi, Erica! I must disagree. Losing weight is about calories! It’s about the difference between calories intake and calories consumed during the day.

    You are right that the type of food is important also, but it’s important to the health and to the physical aspect of your body. You can lose weight consuming the correct amount of calories, but eating unhealthy. You will not look fresh or fit, but you will lose weight.

    In fact, Mark Haub, professor of human nutrition wanted to prove this fact in his experimental “Twinkie diet” which helped him reduce his body fat from 33.4 to 24.9 percent in two months. I’ll write a post about his experiment, so please come back and read it.

  14. Herbert

    21. May 2011 | 17:00 h

    You’ve got the right stuff!!! this is one of the most informative articles on weight loss I’ve ever read! It’s plain and simple.

  15. karin hill

    2. October 2012 | 06:53 h

    great article. not too verbose and the advice is true. ive lost 60 lbs this year doing this and i couldnt be happier.

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