5lbs of Damaging Chemicals on Your Skin

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Eye ShadowThese days, everybody tries to eat as healthy as possible, to eliminate the toxins from our food, from our drinks and from our bodies. Maybe you think that a natural diet will keep you safe from toxins. It’s not true.

Our skin acts like a giant tongue and absorbs the substances it get in contact with. Most of the people that follow a detox diet or are eating as healthy as possible are missing a point: the cosmetics we put on our skin every day are absorbed and the toxins get directly into our systems. (more…)

Small Steps To Lose Weight

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Small steps to lose weightUsually people don’t just wake up and say “Starting with today I’m going to eat healthier and I’m going to exercise more”. No! This is happening most of the time without even realizing it.

You just feel better eating a grilled chicken breast than a portion of French fries and then you feel like taking a walk to the grocery store or like getting down from the bus 2 stations earlier and walk home.

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has a list with the small steps you can do to lose weight. I haven’t realized how many things I am already doing without any effort.

I wrote in bold the steps I took until now and I’m a little bit over 50 % with 61. :) This is good, I would say, taking into consideration that I live in an apartment and I don’t have kids (to play with) or a dog (to walk).

So what’s your “score” on the small steps to lose weight list?

  1. Walk to work.
  2. Use fat free milk over whole milk. (more…)

Stay Away Of All Inclusive Holidays

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Lobster dinnerThis is the time that everybody expected for the entire year. Take a few days off, forget about work, about the city and problems and just go and relax in a heavenly location.

You should be careful though and avoid all inclusive holidays if you don’t want to gain back in just 1 week every pound you worked at the gym to get it off.

It’s impossible to stay away of the delicious dishes and services the hotels lure you with:

  • unlimited meals and snacks including breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • unlimited beverages including premium alcohol, juices and soft drinks (more…)

Naturally Skimed Milk

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Skimmed MilkIt’s a fact that cows don’t produce vanilla milk, or strawberries milk, even though every groceries store has them on the shelf. But how about naturally skimmed milk?

A group of researchers from New Zealand are already on the way to make cows produce naturally skimmed milk with the new discovered genes that enable cows to do that.

“The New Zealand approach could be used to breed cows that still produce full-fat milk but with only the good fats, which could swing things back in favor of full-fat milk. (more…)

The Diet Pill That Makes You Feel “Full”

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LindeEvery dieter knows that when it comes to have a good eating plan, the feel of “fullness” misses and most of the persons come back to the junk food they use to eat.

Yaniv Linde, a 32-year-old Ph.D. student of Prof. Chaim Gilon in the Department of Organic Chemistry at the Hebrew University thought that developing a pill to give you that “fullness” sensation will help a lot of obese people to stay on their diets.

The aMSH hormone is naturally excreted during eating and binds to a receptor in the brain which sends out a signal that one feels “full.” (more…)

A Salad Is More Than A Sandwich

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Usually, when you think of a salad for lunch you’re thinking at a low-calories meal, but that’s not true for McDonald’s salads. A fast-food salad had more calories, more fat, more carbs and more sugar than a regular fast-food sandwich.

If you compare calories, fat, carbs, sodium and sugar from one salad (dressing included) and one regular sized sandwich (or burrito) from the same fast food, using just the nutritional information provided by the restaurants you can see the difference for yourself.

BK Tendercrisp Chicken Salad and The Whopper Jr.



The Gym and Everything Else

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In the past few weeks I was not very active here on DietMotion, but I wanted to tell you all that this is not permanent and I’ll be back in a couple of days.

I started a few extra projects that I must take care of, I started writing on Diet-blog.com (my articles are signed with Gabriela Cretan) and I also started going to the gym.

I have 3 weeks now of running and weight lifting and I feel great. I workout 4-5 time a week, I alternate cardio exercises with weight lifting and in (more…)

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