Hunger Proof Seaweed Cocktails

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SeaweedIf you survived this Easter’s meat attack, then you’ll probably be delighted to find out a new green solution to keep you fit!

Have you ever though about the washed up on shore-seaweed as being as good as the stuff that you harvest?

Researchers at Unilever have come up with a new way to kill the hunger sensation, which involves seaweed and a lot of motivation to taste it.

So, what they basically did was to mix a fiber obtained from brown greasy seaweed which is fancy called ‘alginate’ into regular diet (more…)

Are You A Supertaster?

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TongueWhat I’m going to write to you about today is something I definitely never heard about before.

I mean, I thought it possible, I just never actually read or heard about real people experiencing “supertasting”.

What is that all about?

It’s quite simple: there are certain people whose taste buds are extremely well developed. Consequently, they experience sweetness, sourness or (more…)

The Newest Fitness Toy: The Biggest Loser Arc Trainer

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Arc trainerI’ve recently come across this weird looking new workout machine: the Arc Trainer from Cybex.

They dubbed it “The Biggest Looser” because the makers claim it can help you shed out the extra pounds twice times faster than on a treadmill and will less impact on your knees.

Biggest Loser Arc Trainer comes bundled with few top notch features:

  • Reverse Arc Motion Technology: higher intensity and bigger calorie burn in the shortest time possible;
  • Variable Workouts, with funny named positioned detailed (more…)

Timeless Diet Quotes

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Fish and vegetablesBeauty is a concept that is interpreted differently in each country.

The way a person should look like, the ideal weight and shape and how a person should eat to stay fit are things that are strongly connected to peoples’ culture and tradition.

Although we live in a modern world, where technology has developed to such an extent that almost anything is possible, some of the old principles and diet advice are still very much alive.

Either they’re part of a country’s culture or they’re just sayings (more…)

Brideorexia Disorder

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BrideorexiaLet’s talk about a hidden truth of modern society, which turns pandemic: Brideorexia.

So far, loosing weight for the weeding day seems to be on the to-do list of many brides-to-be.

Imagine a bridal boot camp geared up with an army of fitness machines and scarcely little food and you will see what these ladies are ready to go through, for the sake of a perfect wedding album.

Dr. Jeffrey Sobal, a co-author of the study and a professor of sociology at Cornell University has looked deeper into this matter and found out some really (more…)

Probiotics Benefits To Your Diet

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Probiotics yogurtProbiotics seem to be the latest news in the diet world.

They claim to help you digest your food better, prevent digestive problems and help you achieve that flat belly you’ve always dreamed of, all of which sounds great.

But what exactly are probiotics and why are they so important for our diet?

Probiotics are live microorganisms which, when consumed in recommended doses, provide us with many health benefits. They are usually called “friendly bacteria” because they have the ability to restore the balance of our intestinal flora. The (more…)

Natural Antibiotics In Your Diet

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Fresh onionsA friend of mine had a terrible cold last week.

In fact, it hasn’t let go of him yet.

He started to get worried after a few days, as it seemed to be quite a serious cold.

He went to the doctor, who recommended antibiotics.

However, apart from classic antibiotics, the doctor also pointed out that the same effects can be obtained by using more natural sources. These can be included in our everyday diets:

1. Manuka honey

Manuka honey is produced in New Zeeland. The bees living on these lands use the pollen gathered from manuka flowers – this is an evergreen small (more…)

Fit For A Princess

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Crown princessWith the Royal Wedding just around the corner, everybody would probably like to be in Will and Kate’s shoes.

Well, not exactly everybody, only just us girls!

So, I thought today we can talk about Janey Holliday and her fitness program.

Janey is the creator of the Fit for a Princess program, which focuses on training within a group and usually outside.

What surprised me about Janey was the fact that she confessed that, before starting the program, she was somebody who hated exercise. So, she (more…)

Marinating Tips

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MarinadeI was mentioning the other day that marinating your meat before cooking and eating it has positive effects.

These refer both in terms of taste and health.

First of all, they make the meat much tender and flavored.

Secondly, marinating reduces the formation of heterocyclic amines, mutant substances which increase the risk of cancer when meat is cooked – fried, grilled or roasted. Here are the top meat marinades:

1. Rosemary

Wiping-up a rosemary marinade is quite easy. Just combine it with (more…)

Diet Camps

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Fitness campFor most dieters, being on a diet with friends or family members can be very helpful.

Having someone who’s going through the same situation and sharing this experience with him can be comforting and encouraging at the same time.

I guess this is why diet and fitness camps, diet Spa’s or weight loss retreats have been invented.

This industry has grown a lot lately, since more and more people are interested in investing thousands of dollars in this type of “vacation”. Just the idea of going there and coming back home with the body you’ve always wanted is (more…)

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