Fast-Food, The Immortal Food

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BugerFast food is the easiest and most convenient choice after a hard, long day at work.

You can find fast food restaurants or take-outs at every corner where you don’t have to wait more than 5 minutes for your order and everything tastes deliciously good.

Not to mention that a fast food menu, which usually consists of a burger, French fries and a soft drink, is cheaper than in any other restaurant that serves healthier food.

For all of these reasons, the fast food restaurants industry has turned (more…)

What To Eat In Order To Build Muscle

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Fitness girlI have several friends who are underweight and who are trying to improve their looks.

Their choice and the advice they received from their training adviser was to try and build muscle.

This means following a tight workout program and, at the same time, eating certain foods which fuel the training sessions.

Which foods are the best for building muscle?

I’ll give you some hints below. In fact, these foods should be eaten not only if you want to gain weight by building muscle, but also when you follow (more…)

Two Food Myths Explained

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Salt ball1. Sea salt is healthier than regular table salt

I myself have switched from using regular salt to using sea salt.

I must admit I gave up to the trend saying that it’s healthier than what we usually sprinkle on our meals.

However, I decided to look into the matter a bit.

Well, the first thing I found out is that sea salt has the same chemical composition as regular salt, meaning sodium and chloride.

Secondly, sea salt is obtained by evaporating sea water, without (more…)

Miranda Kerr’s Diet

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Miranda KerrAlthough she never had serious weight issues, being an international supermodel means having to make a lot of sacrifices to maintain a perfectly fit figure.

Miranda has managed for years to keep a slender and fit look; moreover, just two months after giving birth, she returned on the catwalk looking better than ever.

Regardless of all the fame and success, being one of the Victoria’s Secret angels is not easy by far; their bodies might look dreamlike, but in the end they are people just like us, with the difference that they can’t allow themselves to look out of shape (more…)

Food Can Protect You from the Sun

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Sun tanAll of us know that whenever you go out during summer you had better put some sunscreen on, in order to be protected from harmful UV rays.

So, everybody is always looking for the best sunscreen, with the highest protection factor.

Nevertheless, only now I’ve found out that you can get protection by using both outside and inside protection agents.

We are clear on which are the outside agents. What about the inside (more…)

Tips For Your Vacation Diet

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Vacation daysYou’ve worked hard all year and can’t wait for the vacation to come?

Whether you choose an exotic destination or a more traditional place as a vacation getaway, a few days off from work and far from you hometown is the perfect way to relax and forget about all of your problems.

For most of us, it also means forgetting about our diets and adding a few pounds in just a couple of days.

But with a few tips, I’m going to show you how you can maintain your (more…)

Summer Delicacy: Asparagus

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AsparagusSummer brings so many wonderful veggies and fruit.

Although asparagus season runs from April to May, in some regions it extends until July.

Of course, you can find at any time of the year in supermarkets.

I did not know this until now, but it appears that asparagus can be enjoyed in many ways and its health benefits are worth mentioning:

With quite a high content of vitamin C, asparagus ranks among the best antioxidant-providers out there. It may not be a antioxidant champion (more…)

Ingredients For Getting Fit

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DumbbellsUsually, after losing all the extra pounds, people start to be preoccupied with toning and lifting their muscles, especially if the amount of weight they lost is considerable.

A fit and toned body is always more appealing than a slim, but flabby one.

I’ve always dreamed of having flat stomach, that doesn’t look like jelly, with a little bit of muscle mass.

However, some people take this desire to the extremes, often without even realizing it.

Personally, I’ve never liked or wanted to have a body builder’s look (more…)

Dairy Alternatives: Goat Milk

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Hungry goatFor a few years now I’ve been enjoying goat cheese quite a lot.

I must admit it has a unique flavor and it feels lighter than any other cheese I’ve tried.

However, the benefits of dairy products obtained from goats’ milk don’t stop at cheese: the milk itself is a valuable source of nutrients and what’s the best thing is that it can be enjoyed by people who cannot consume cow milk.

In fact, a study conducted by researchers from the University of Granada concluded that goat milk is more beneficial to human health than (more…)

Grape Seeds And Health Benefits

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Red grapesThe main health benefits invoked when talking about grapes are the content of resveratrol and other polyphenols.

The talk doesn’t usually focus on grapes themselves, but on wine and especially red wine.

However, resveratrol and polyphenols can be enjoyed even if you don’t have a taste for wine.

It is true that these nutrients are not found in the juicy core of grapes, which we usually enjoy, but in the stem, the skin and the seeds.

Nevertheless, it’s not only wine that makes the most of these (more…)

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