Take Home The Restaurant’s Menu

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Restaurant menuTaking home a restaurant menu might sound like torture for some of us who are on a diet.

You might think that this way you are going to crave for all the delicious foods from the restaurant even when you are not there.

Well, apparently things are not as you might believe and this could end up being a really positive thing in your fight against extra pounds.

Why? Well, just thinking about this idea popped up two major reasons into my head. Take a look and see if you agree with me:

1. If your favorite restaurant has many unhealthy, but delicious (more…)

Almond Milk- Better Than Regular Milk?

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Almonds heartWe’ve already talked about the importance of diary products in our alimentation that help us prevent diseases like osteoporosis which affect many women these days.

But what about those who have lactose intolerance?

The solution seems to be almond milk.

In fact, in many respects almond milk is better than cow milk. Why?

  • First of all we have to consider the number of calories. Almond milk is by far the better choice for those who want to lose weight. This is (more…)

Back To The Basics For A Healthy Weight

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Natural foodOur grand grandparents were healthier than us.

That’s a fact.

They didn’t have access to all the medical discoveries and techniques available nowadays and they didn’t go to the gym on a daily basis.

Some of our grand grandparents never went to a gym at all.

So, how did they stay fit and maintain a healthy body and a good weight?

Apparently the answer is that they ate clean unlike most of us do these days and did some basic things we no longer do. So, the solution that (more…)

Healthy Diet Goals

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Fresh salmonWhen starting a new diet most of us have a goal in mind.

It can be either losing weight or adding some pounds.

However, not many of us choose to talk to a professional before starting the diet which can have as consequence bad diet choices. Why?


  • We are not well informed even if when we think we are.

Most of us think that we know what to eat and what to eliminate from our alimentation. The fact is that only a specialist can tell this (more…)

Is Sea Salt Better Than Table Salt?

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Red saltSea salt is very popular nowadays.

Many diets recommend using it instead of the table salt especially in the case of high blood pressure also known as hypertension.

Is this the right approach?

Should we replace table salt with sea salt?

As we all know, high blood pressure is one the consequences of being overweight. This condition can be caused by many other factors too besides obesity but, people who have weight problems are likely to develop hypertension problems.

The diet for someone who has high blood pressure should be designed (more…)

How To Approach The Weight Loss Issue?

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Apple heartWanting to help someone you love lose weight can be quite difficult sometimes.

People usually choose to do this in two extreme ways.

They are either too ‘soft’ or too ‘hard’ on the one who needs help.

Neither of the two options seems to be too efficient.

Moreover, they might end up doing more harm than good.

The too soft option might be inefficient because the one who needs to lose weight doesn’t always get the message. If he does get that he needs to lose weight he might think that the issue is not that stringent and might (more…)

Are Potatoes Completely Forbidden In A Diet?

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Fried potatoesMost diets forbid eating potatoes at least in the beginning phase like for example, in the case of the South Beach Diet.

Two other good examples would be the Atkins Diet and the Paleo Diet.

They do not allow potatoes no matter the phase.

I’ve always believed that all aliments are good if they are consumed in small quantities, from time to time and cooked in a healthy manner. I think that potatoes make no exception.

Why do most diets forbid potatoes?

Those who created these diets promote the idea that carbohydrates are not healthy at all. In fact, most of them are based on eating mostly (more…)

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