5 Healthy Afternoon Energy Snacks

Fruit smoothiesBlend a healthy smoothie!

The truth is that one of the simplest snacks to prepare is a smoothie. Here, the options are quite various. Basically, it depends on what are your favorite fruits.

For example, one of my favorite smoothies is banana smoothie with a bit of silken tofu. For this snack you can use soymilk: it gives a rounder taste, so to say and ‘spice it up’ with some honey.

The banana should be frozen. The rest is simple: put all the ingredients inside the blender and add the banana towards the end. It will take you maximum 5 minutes and it contains many, many great nutrients!

Boil an egg!

Simple, isn’t it? To be honest, I personally don’t like boiled eggs very much but I recently discovered that if you combine them with a little bit of guacamole they can be very tasty.

It works very well as a snack but also as a quick lunch box. This combination contains protein and fiber and is cholesterol free.

Mix up a bowl of nuts!

Well, about nuts some have serious doubts. However, no matter how rich in calories are some nuts, keep in mind that the key word is balance. Take a few nuts, some raisins or other dry fruits and….ready! Now, you can ‘snack your afternoon away’!

Prepare a raw dip with vegetables!

Vegetables can save the day. It’s true: when you don’t feel very inspired all you have to do is take a look at a bowl of vegetables. Here, it all depends on your personal preferences: from carrots to broccoli, from cabbage to peas…the list of options is quite long.

For a good and light dip you need a few cups of feta cheese, garlic, salt and pepper, parsley, mint and some dill. This dip can be refrigerated up to 2 days.

Refresh with a plain yogurt!

If you haven’t tried yet the Greek yogurt then it is high time to start now! What is important to know is that a cup of plain yogurt is rich in protein and low in calories so the benefits are quite obvious. It is easy to take with you on the way or eat it while watching your favorite show!

There are plenty ideas that can energize your afternoon. For this reason, it is important to have a list to consult….for when inspiration fails you! Of course, the list is open to any suggestion or new idea!

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