Are You Feeling Dizzy When On A Diet?

DizzyThat’s definitely not OK!

Unfortunately we have all experienced this problem.

The key to this problem stands in fact in the causes of your dizziness.

You have to take a good look at your diet schedule, at what are you exactly eating and how much you are working out.

The best thing is to try and keep an accurate food diary. I’ve already told you in a previous article how important it is to keep a food diary. Moreover, you can also include in it the schedule of your working out routine.

Now, let’s take a look at what actually causes the dizziness during the diet:

1. Number of hours you are fasting.

How many hours do you have between meals? Some people eat in the morning and have the next meal when they get back from work late in the evening. This can definitely be a cause of your dizziness. The solution is to have many small meals divided throughout the whole day. Don’t forget about the healthy snacks!

2. Not enough nutrients and vitamins.

This means you are not eating from all groups of aliments to get your essencial nutrients. Unfortunately there are some diets that recommend eating only from one or group of aliments, excluding the others, at least in the first or two stages. For example, the Sonoma Diet doesn’t allow you to have fruits in the first phase. We all know that fruits are an important source of vitamins, natural sugar and energy. Low sugar levels can be responsible for the dizziness. The solution is to find a diet that balances all types of aliments during all its phases.

3. Hydration issues.

Another cause of the dizziness we can experience during a diet is not hydrating ourselves properly. Not having enough water can make us feel hungry and without strength to go through the busy day. Remember, water is essential for a healthy body, especially when you are depriving it from some aliments.

4. Abusing from workout routines.

We all want to reshape our bodies as fast as possible. Unfortunately this is not possible. Some of us try to do that by spending countless hours at the gym. I’m not saying working out is not recommended. You have to workout to lose weight, but moderation is the key. If you increase the number of hours you spend in the gym you also need to increase the number of calories. Otherwise, you would feel exhausted and dizzy most of the times.

These are just a few causes why you might feel dizzy. However, if none of them suits your situation the next thing on your list should be paying a visit to your physician. There might be anther problem that only your doctor can help you with. For example low sodium levels can cause the dizziness, but only your doctor can find out if this is your case.

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