4 Common Dietary Mistakes

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Hungry woman eating a bookNo matter how motivated we are to lose weight and get lean, our best efforts still don’t pay off.

Are you not happy with the results, though you spend hours sweating in the gym?

Well, maybe you commit, without knowing, one of the following common dietary mistakes.

1. You cut calories aggressively

A lot of people who decide to lose weight believe that the only “safe” way is to reduce the amount of calories they eat. This is not completely wrong, but it can backfire if you slash your caloric intake too much and expect to get the body you dream about in a matter of weeks.

This is a big Mistake. Even though your mind might agree with the (more…)

Western Diet And Its Disastrous Effects

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Shrimp saladOne of the greatest wonders of creation is the human brain.

Weighing as much as 1500 grams this organ encapsulates more than 10,000 million nerve cells, this alone being an unimaginable number.

To perform all the functions that it has been endowed with, you need to help your brain with the proper nutrition.

Sometimes, this means that you should learn more about the foods that, once ingested, can damage your brain. In this sense, a recent research points out clearly that the Western diet is likely to lead to a long-term impairment of the brain and also bring about neurodegenerative conditions.

Conducted by researchers at the Macquarie University from Australia, the study leading to the aforementioned discoveries warns that there (more…)

Benefit From Kegel Exercises

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Kegel exercisesKegel exercises are being widely adopted by women because their efficacy has been proven time and time again.

Kegel exercises – short history

This type of exercise was invented by Dr. Arnold Kegel, a renown gynecologist from the University of Southern California, in a bid to help women with postpartum incontinence.

Kegel exercises are created with the purpose to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle. The role of these muscles is crucial because they support (more…)

5 Common Causes For A Metallic Taste In The Mouth

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Iron biteIt so happens that sometimes I feel in my mouth a strange taste, a metallic one.

In the hope to eliminate such an unpleasant reminder, I’ve done a little research to discover the underlying causes.

Here’s what I found out.

Dysgeusia is the condition that gives us a disgusting oral taste or an altered taste sensation. Therefore, though you may have eaten a delicious steak and potatoes meal, your taste buds will indicate simply a meal of loose coins.

The persistent metallic taste is one that should not worry us too much, specialists claim, indicating at the same time some possible explanations.

1. Ketosis

Ketosis is  is a condition in which levels of ketones in the blood are (more…)

5 Mediterranean Secrets To Weight Loss

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Olive oilThose of you who have already visited Mediterranean countries such as Italy or Spain may have observed the vitality and beauty of the women living in those areas.

I’m sure that you’ve always asked yourselves the secret of their toned body and glowing complexion.

How do they do it?

The real secret lies in the things they eat.

For centuries, the Mediterranean diet remained unchanged – fresh products, whole grains and foods that are not processed at all. So, here are the top tips you should follow if you want to live longer and look amazing, just like the Mediterranean people.

Eat less processed food

One of the worst decisions I sometimes make, when I’m in a hurry, is to eat processed foods. Mediterraneans never do this because they know (more…)

What Tempts Us To Overeat?

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Fish and potatoesDuring the day I experience more than once the need to eat.

But how many times a day do I really need to eat?

The pains of hunger have to be carefully distinguished from the stimuli tempting us to overeat.

People have a complex relationship with food. The need to eat can be both mandatory and voluntary. Most of the times, we tend to indulge and this is what causes us to become overweight.

With all the things we need to do during a normal day, I believe that we no longer understand what hunger is. Our relationship with food has changed, primarily because we have too many options and tempting products galore. That’s why you need to learn the main seven ways our body tricks (more…)

Health Benefits Of Walnut Oil

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WalnutEver since I was a child, I used to enjoy cracking walnuts and eating their kernel.

Back then I didn’t realize, but now I know that walnuts and their oils are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Walnut oil can be consumed unrefined, fresh (shelf-life duration amounts to 6 months) as well as uncooked.

Benefits of walnut oil consumption

  • it is an important source of vitamin C;
  • it can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease; (more…)

Best Foods To Eat While On Period

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Happy girlfriendsWhen we, ladies, are on period, most of us feel tired, irritable and bloated.

But did you know that all these symptoms can be augmented by an inadequate diet?

Though you might be craving for a bag of potato chips, nutritionists advise that you think twice.

There are several tips which are set to alleviate the hardships that come with your monthly cycle as it follows.

Eat more complex carbohydrates

It’s not a secret – fruits, vegetables and most of the whole foods have always been our friends but they become true allies during menstruation. For (more…)

Fresh, Frozen Or Canned – Learn How To Choose Wisely

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A bunch of fresh carrotsI’ve always been particularly picky about the foods I eat but the choices I make can be particularly difficult when it comes to vegetables and fruits.

Every time I want to buy them I wonder if I should go for the fresh, frozen or canned.

Which is the best alternative?

Probably most of the times, you’re tempted to think that fresh vegetables are the best choice. Nonetheless, this is not a general truth. The quality of these products depends very much on the types of fruits and vegetables you are buying.

Most of the times their nutritional values is different. So, what is the best pick?


Nothing is more rich in nutrients than the fresh fruits and vegetables (more…)

The 5 Health And Fitness Resolutions To Make In 2013

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2013 new yearNow that the New Year is drawing near, it’s time to think about the things we have already achieved and those we would like to complete in the months to come.

Among the New Year’s resolutions, many people would like to become more financially prosperous while others are eager to improve their own image.

And what better way to do this than by getting in control of our bad-eating habits?

Health and fitness resolutions must not be very complicated.

Pricey gym memberships and expensive organic food will not guarantee success in terms of one’s improved body version. Instead, there are a few (more…)

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