The Main Muscle Groups

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MuscleWe’ve been talking a lot during our posts on this blog about strength exercises, fitness and other means of working out our muscles.

So, maybe it’s time we say something about the muscle groups in our bodies.

We’ve already heard about them, but not all of us know their exact location.

1. Chest muscles

The muscles located in the chest area are usually used for pushing (more…)

Fitness Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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CyclingFitness is great for us, isn’t it?

Allocating about 30 minutes each day for exercising will surely ensure our wellbeing.

However, exercising needs to be done properly in order to obtain (only) positive effects.

Here are some of the mistakes you may be making when working out:


If you prefer cycling, then you should make sure that you choose the right bike for you. Get a lighter one, if you’re not big, and set the saddle at the right height. If the bike is too heavy, you will not be pedaling (as you (more…)

Skate In Order To Keep Fit

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Roller skatesWe’ve lately focused on talking a lot about fitness and diet benefits that should be considered during summer.

However, it might be time that we start discussing the next seasons and what it brings in this area.

So, I’m thinking about skating.

Can this really be an alternative to going to the gym during the cold season?

Well, consider the following when making your choice:

  • skating can have major effects on our cardiovascular system. When you skate, you obtain the same wonderful effects as when you run or (more…)

How To Healthily Fight Fatigue

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Exhausting day of workAfter a tiring day at the office, or after a strenuous workout (or both) we come home and we feel entirely drained of energy.

Some people prefer, in such case, taking all sorts of supplements, or sleeping it off, even if that affects their schedule.

However, you can fight such states of fatigue by healthy means.


This mineral is recommended in all cases of fatigue. In order not to interfere with the health of other organs or in order to avoid side effects, avoid supplements. However, you can get magnesium from nuts or seeds, (more…)

Are Leggings Bad For Us?

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Leggings are very fashionable nowadays.

I usually prefer wearing such clothing items during winter, as they are really comfortable and keep the cold away.

They also seem to keep my leg muscles firm.

And, if I eat a little bit too much, my belly and other unwanted fat around my waist seems to be elegantly concealed.

However, I’m having second thoughts on whether I should wear leggings this next fall and winter.

Sammy Margo, a physiotherapist based in London, claims that leggings do look good and help you stay in tune with fashion trends, but they might be (more…)

Summer Tomato Recipes

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Fresh tomatoesTomatoes are so versatile, don’t you think?

It’s their high season now, so it’s worth giving them your full attention, as they provide impressive health benefits.

Here are a few ideas on how to enjoy tomatoes, in case you’re bored with your regular salad:

1. Eggplant and tomato sandwich

The main ingredients are one large eggplant, two medium tomatoes and 4 ounces of soft cheese. You also need one tablespoon of chopped basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard. Slice the eggplant and place (more…)

Exercise With Your Baby

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Exercise with your babySome of you may already know the drill: you have a baby – as soon as it is born, the real hustle starts.

In case you also love your job and you’ve decided to go back to that, then you surely don’t have time for anything else, between changing dippers, making sure your baby is healthy and going to work in between.

So how could you not gain weight? You start neglecting the proper diet you should have, and going to the gym seems a dream long gone.

The solution is much more unexpected than you might think. And very much into your reach, also!

An American dad, Joshua Levitt, shows us that you can use your (more…)

Plyometrics Workout

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JumpshotIf you are looking for an intensive training which should get the best out of you, search no more.

Try the Plyometrics program.

However, make sure you get a personal trainer in order to safely perform such exercises, because, as you will see, they might get dangerous.

Plyometrics aim at developing speed and strength.

By adopting this program, you will improve your athletic power, through the means of muscular contractions and stretching. The idea behind such training is that, by stretching the muscle before contracting it, the (more…)

Things That Make You Eat More

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Music appleI’ve stumbled upon some studies which point out that some of ours habits make us eat more that we need, consequently making us gain weight:

1. Listening to music while eating

Music may be good for us while working out, but the effect is reversed when eating. It seems that listening to music when you have your meal leads to higher food intake. So, make sure you analyze your eating habits in (more…)

When Should We Stop Dieting?

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Measure tapeHave you ever found yourself at difficulty establishing when dieting is enough and you should get back to your regular lifestyle?

Many of us fear this moment, as this means that you have lost enough weight, and the next step follows: maintaining the right weight.

This may be more difficult than the diet itself.

So, many choose to stay on the diet indefinitely. However, you do need to stop dieting when the following signs appear:

It’s already six months since you’ve started your diet

Why should you stop after six months? Scientists claim that any (more…)

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