Alcohol – The Hidden Enemy From Your Diet

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Beer mugThe alcohol should be seen as harmful not because of their calorie content (alcohol has 7 calories per gram) but because the interactions that take place between the metabolism of the substance.

Alcohol is the preferred source of energy of our bodies. Consumed along with anything else, an interesting phenomenon is produced: our body will use the alcohol as energy and will send the rest of the food in the adipose tissue as a reserve.

The metabolism of alcohol takes a few hours and during this time the fat burning is blocked, and the speed of weight loss decreases by 20-30%, because no matter what we do, even if we run for an hour after every (more…)

Vegetables and Fruits: The Health Benefits of Each Color

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PineapplesThe color of a fruit or vegetable can be a precious clue regarding the benefits of a specific fruit or vegetable.

Therefore, each color is associated with certain health benefits.

The power of yellow

We find yellow in foods such as pineapple, citrus, corn, yellow tomatoes, yellow apples, pomelo, yellow grapefruit, papaya or yellow peppers.

Pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that contributes to the proper functioning of the digestive system. Citruses can inhibit the cancerous tumor formation, thus protecting against breast cancer, skin cancer, esophageal cancer or stomach cancer.

In addition, there is no longer any secret that vitamin C and folic acid (more…)

Swimming Benefits

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Butterfly stroke swimming womanSince summer is just around the corner and swimming is the perfect sport for this warm and fun season, today we’ll talk about the physical and psychological benefits of swimming.

Swimming is an activity that will bring many benefits to your health, being an excellent cardio workout, toning your muscles and helping you lose weight in a fun and relaxing way.

If you will truly understand the benefits of swimming and you will practice it correctly, the quality of your life will be visibly improved.

This fun sport is considered to be a low-risk activity, in comparison to regular sports (aerobics or jogging) and if it’s executed correctly can even cure various diseases of the locomotory system.

There are plenty of reasons to swim! Here are some benefits of (more…)

Amazing Healthy Things To Know About Zuccini

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Zucchini in a basket

  • The content water of a zucchini is 95% but the flesh and, especially, the crust contains large amounts of vitamin B9, vitamin A, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium and dietary fiber.
  • It only has 25 calories, compared to a potato, which has 80 calories;
  • Young zucchini does not have seeds, so they are very easy to cook with;
  • The easiest way to cook zucchini is to slice them into thin slices, then put them on the grill. When cooked, serve them with garlic sauce.
  • Zucchini flowers are edible
  • When talking about zucchini, bigger does not mean better. The small or medium-sized zucchini are tastier and easier to cook with since (more…)

5 Foods That Trigger Anxiety

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Anxiety sorrow and worryAnxiety and panic attacks can be triggered by some specific situations, but food can also have a strong impact on our anxiety level.

Certain foods or drinks are commonly known for their relaxing properties, while another can have the opposite impact, inducing anxiety and nervousness.

There are certain foods or food additives that cause hyperactivity, increase heart rate and trigger anxiety. You are about to find which foods are we talking about.

What is anxiety?

First of all, we have to define anxiety. People who suffer from this state have a constant feeling of nervousness and fear. Anxiety manifests itself more likely when one individual has recently passed through an unpleasant (more…)

Guarana – The Miraculous Medicine From the Jungle

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Guarana fruitsGuarana, also called “Paullinia cupana” or “the fruit like the eyes of the people” is a climbing plant coming from South America, which can reach up to 10 meters.

The seeds of guarana are processed for consumption and the extract of this miraculous fruit is a primary ingredient in energy drinks.

Many people use guarana for its metabolism-boosting and energy-boosting effects, and its extract can be found in many products, such as bars, drinks, nutritional supplements which have a fruity taste and are recommended to be taken before meals.

Guarana contains guaranine, a substance with an energizing effect which acts like caffeine but has no side effects on our body, in comparison with (more…)

Find Out What Sport Fits Your Temperament

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Tennis timeEver thought that the reason why you hate doing sport is that what you tried until now doesn’t match with your personality?

We have now the explanation.

Swimming, biking, playing basketball or tennis, you are about to find out which one suits you best depending on your temperament!


Cheerful, sociable and balanced, they can make everyone around them feel better, which is the reason why everyone wants them around. These qualities can make them sometimes overestimate.

What sport suits your personality?

If you are a sanguine, it is indicated for you to choose team sports, where you have to interact with your partners. Also, challenging sports are (more…)

Healthy Ideas For A Fast And Light Dinner

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Dinner lettuce cheese saladFood can become an enemy for our health and silhouette if we do not pay attention to what we eat and when we eat it.

It is very important to avoid skipping meals and try to have 3 main courses and two snacks every day. The dinner should be light and easy, because when you go to sleep the food in your stomach should be already digested, to avoid getting fat and having a unsatisfying sleep.

To be completely eliminated from the stomach, the meat needs up to 3 hours to be digested, in comparison with fruits, which only need 30 minutes to be digested. To make dinner selection easier for you, here you have some healthy ideas for a fast and light dinner:

Vegetable soup

Very healthy and low in calories, vegetable soup is ideal to be served for dinner. It is a warm meal which protects the digestive tract (more…)

Steps To Follow Before Starting A Diet

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Measuring tapeWhen we decide to start a diet it is very important for us to understand that are many factors that can lead to weight gain, and just adopting a strict diet won’t solve years of unhealthy eating.

This is the reason why we will talk about the factors that can lead to weight gain and what medical steps should we follow before starting a diet.

Why do we gain weight?

Even if at a first glance an unhealthy diet is the main cause, it is possible that behind obesity to be some medical causes. The diagnosis and the correct treatment of these imbalances, and associating a proper diet and physical activity are often the only solution for a healthy and fit body.

Factors that can lead to weight gain:

  • Stress: stress triggers a series of reactions in our body which increases the cortisol (the stress hormone) which (more…)

Natural Juices – Good or Bad for our health?

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Pomegranate juiceNatural juices have multiple benefits for our health, speeding our metabolism and having incredible healing properties and cell regeneration.

Vegetable juice- a gold mine for your health

Tomato juice, for example, contains lycopene, combats prostate cancer and reduces blood pressure. The pulp of the vegetable contains fibers, which keeps hunger under control and helps your digestion.

Even if they are bought from the supermarket, vegetables juices (more…)

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