Basil and Oregano Benefits

Fresh oreganoYou know how thrilled I am about the Mediterranean diet.

I still am and I thought I would share with you a few facts about some other ingredients used in preparing many foods recommended within this diet: basil and oregano.

Basil benefits

Basil is similar to mint. It has a powerful aroma and you will most certainly know when this spice has been added to your food.

Nevertheless, apart from the wonderful taste it gives to Italian or other Mediterranean dishes, basil also holds some health benefits. First of all, basil is a common source of flavonoids and volatile oils. These substances have been known to help with respect to a wide array of diseases – starting from cancer and ending with heart issues.

Moreover, basil holds anti-inflammatory properties, so it is recommended when suffering from diarrhea or inflammatory bowel. We should neither ignore the fact that it contains a fairly large amount of vitamins (mainly K and A), some minerals (calcium, iron and magnesium), while the calorie count stays low.

Oregano benefits

Few calories and lots of vitamins – these are also words which can describe oregano. In addition, oregano is great at fighting against bacteria and at performing antioxidant activity. According to some studies, oregano is far more powerful as an antioxidant than apples, potatoes or oranges, and even than blueberries. On top of that, it is also a good source of fiber, so you might think about including oregano in your diet if you don’t want to be suffering from colon conditions.

Cooking with basil and oregano

As for some cooking tips, here are some: add basil or oregano to hot foods right before eating them, in order to enjoy its full aroma. Don’t stick to using basil only with tomato sauces – it goes great with eggs, cheese, chicken or risotto. Oregano will give fish the perfect flavor, as well as to soups and, of course, to the famous marinara sauce.

Of course, as with all spices, the flavor of basil and oregano is an acquired one, which grows on you with time.

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