Brideorexia Disorder

BrideorexiaLet’s talk about a hidden truth of modern society, which turns pandemic: Brideorexia.

So far, loosing weight for the weeding day seems to be on the to-do list of many brides-to-be.

Imagine a bridal boot camp geared up with an army of fitness machines and scarcely little food and you will see what these ladies are ready to go through, for the sake of a perfect wedding album.

Dr. Jeffrey Sobal, a co-author of the study and a professor of sociology at Cornell University has looked deeper into this matter and found out some really interesting facts.

Apparently, in a 2000 Cornell study of 273 women who were getting married within the year, “70% of respondents reported wanting to lose more than 20 lb. But in reality, by wedding day, their average weight loss was 7 lb.”

Dr. Jeffrey Sobal also admits that:

Clearly we live in a culture that values thinness, and this is probably the event of most women’s lives that puts the brightest spotlight on them. But for most, the methods [the women reported] were fairly benign: they did more exercise, increased fruits and vegetables, used weights. My projection is that it really isn’t a problem except in a few extreme cases.

Dr. Ira M. Sacker, an eating-disorder specialist and associate professor of pediatrics at NYU-Langone Medical Center identified some key symptoms of ‘brideorexia’:

  1. Changes in food-related behavior
  2. Extreme calorie shedding: over exercising
  3. Changes in mood: depression, irritability, agitation
  4. Social isolation, introspection
  5. Extreme weight loss; dry skin or brittle nails

According to Sacker, who has been conducting several researchers on “brideorexic” behavior over the past decade, about 10% of women who start risky pre-wedding diet and exercise programs will develop a lasting disorder.

If you are a bride to be, do not let the happiest event of your life turn into your worst nightmare. Make sure you keep yourself in excellent health condition, because the toughest, but lovelies part is yet to begin and you will need your energy and wellness to live your happily ever after!

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