Cut Calories Without Noticing

Cappuccino flowerCalories can be cruel.

Cutting them down can be even harder.

Sweat through a 30-minute workout and you can burn 200.

Take three gulps of a foamy frappuccino and you’re right back where you started. Getting rid of calories is not the easiest thing to do but with a little help and the right “know-how” your love handles will be gone in no time.

Hide the remote control

Most of the times you need to be inventive and find opportunities of working out wherever you may be. Getting up to change TV channels can be a suitable alternative for a low-impact workout during an otherwise lazy night in front of the TV. Getting up the sofa can help you melt off an extra 100 calories per day.

Drink water

Wen you hydrate your body, you will be less inclined to grab sugary snacks because you will feel full.

Give up the pizza crust

Pizza crust contains a lot of fat so you are likely to save as much as 100 calories from adding up to your body if you don’t eat it. Aside from pizza crust, you should try to resist the temptation of any other type of bread and ask your salad dressing on the side.

Cut the cappuccino

Caffeine is normally used in weight loss but the frequent consumption can be really calorific. For instance, drinking a large latte can contain as many as 300 calories. Further on, a mocha can add up to s 600 calories – or a third of your daily calorie allowance. The effect will be reversed if you replace these calorie-rich drinks with a skinny, black coffee.

Spice up your life!

You will give your food extra zest and flavor if you add herbs and spices to it. The other benefit of doing this is the fact that you will feel full-up quicker. In addition, numerous researchers have proven that eating spicy food – particularly chili – can raise your metabolic rate by 5 to 8 per cent for up to three hours after you’ve eaten it.

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