Dairy Alternatives: Goat Milk

Hungry goatFor a few years now I’ve been enjoying goat cheese quite a lot.

I must admit it has a unique flavor and it feels lighter than any other cheese I’ve tried.

However, the benefits of dairy products obtained from goats’ milk don’t stop at cheese: the milk itself is a valuable source of nutrients and what’s the best thing is that it can be enjoyed by people who cannot consume cow milk.

In fact, a study conducted by researchers from the University of Granada concluded that goat milk is more beneficial to human health than cow milk. Their conclusions were as follows:

  • you can recover easier, faster and more efficiently from anemia and bone demineralisation; the parathyroid hormone is favored by this type of milk and its action helps balance the amounts of calcium in our bodies;
  • goat milk also contains good amounts of iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium;
  • the consumption of calcium-enriched goat milk does not interfere with the depositing of the above mentioned minerals in the right places within our organism – as it happens when we ingest calcium-enriched cow milk.

Goat milk is also an important source of tryptophan. This is an amino acid which has an essential role in the biosynthesis of proteins. Since tryptophan is largely contained in dairy products, and some people can’t eat cow milk, goat milk appears as a good alternative in order to get this nutrient in our system.

Moreover, goat milk plays an important role in preventing metabolic disorders, as it contains riboflavin. This is a vitamin which also helps in the prevention of migraines, muscle pain and a disease of the eye called keratoconus. The latter affects the cornea and leads to impaired vision – however, the vitamin mentioned earlier seems to help stabilize this disease.

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