Diet Piggy

Diet PiggyAre you trying to lose weight this year, or at least to cut back on snacking? Do you find yourself too often in the kitchen checking “what’s new” in the fridge or in the cupboard? One easy way to stay away from the kitchen is to keep yourself busy.

Finding things to do outside the house or moving in the office during work hours will keep you from getting bored and will hopefully prevent you from “checking” the fridge too often.

However, for a little bit of extra motivation, you might want to consider a little help from your diet friend: The Diet Piggy. It is a small plastic reminder than can be placed in the fridge, in the cupboards or wherever you keep the snacks and it will oink at you, while giving you a dirty look, once you open door looking for a bite. I know that the pig is ridiculous, but at least it will make you laugh and maybe you’ll give up on snacking.

You can buy Diet Piggy online.

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  1. spark|e

    21. March 2007 | 15:29 h

    :) There’s my fitness solution! :) Thanks!

  2. 20 Easy Ways To Stop Snacking | DietMotion

    23. March 2007 | 12:25 h

    [...] and don’t forget about Diet Piggy. [...]

  3. moe

    21. January 2009 | 22:29 h

    Where can I purchase this little piggy in the U.S.

  4. Nessie

    22. January 2009 | 00:22 h

    Hello Moe! I noticed the online store I previously had, does not sale the Diet Piggy anymore, so I added a link to Amazon. Unfortunate, only has it, but I think they deliver in US.

  5. Karson

    29. January 2012 | 21:21 h

    Diet piggy! How smart

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