Exercise Away Your Cellulite

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CelluliteCellulite. We all hate it.

It can plague anyone, whether overweight or not.

Cellulite is the result of fat deposits right beneath the skin, that cause the tissue to distort and dimple, creating the infamous cottage cheese.

No amount of miracle cream or weird treatment will help you get ride of cellulite though, although some will cause it to disappear for some time.

The best remedy for cellulite is an improved diet and increased exercise. While not a quick-fix, these will lessen the appearance of your cellulite a lot, and for a longer time than anything that would come out of a jar.

Exercising, with both strength and resistance training as well as (more…)

Smoking And Your Weight

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Blue smokeWe all know the dangers of smoking cigarettes.

Smoking can lead to chronic bronchitis, other respiratory issues, heart disease and lung cancer, just to name a few.

That’s also not counting the nasty physical effects, like blackened lips, yellowing teeth and scary breath.

What we don’t hear about too much though, is the correlation between smoking and being skinny. Its no coincidence that smokers often appear to be slimmer than the average non-smoker.

The primary additive in cigarettes, nicotine, is known to suppress appetite, and this is why many smokers associate a drag with a snack or mealtime. Long- term smokers can attest that the relief and sense of relaxation and comfort, that comes from smoking a cigarette is akin to that of eating a large and yes, delicious, meal.

This is because, nicotine acts on specific receptors in the brain (more…)

Foods To Reduce High Blood Pressure

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Blood pressureAre you on your diet for health reasons?

Are you trying to reduce your risk for the number of diseases and conditions that can be related to controlling your weight, conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is known as hypertension and is the culprit behind two of the leading causes of death in the world, heart attack and stroke. Controlling your weight with a healthy diet and exercise, can help significantly reduce your blood pressure, along with quitting smoking.

So, even if you weren’t really concerned with your blood pressure when you first started with your diet and exercise routine, who would (more…)

Steps To Follow Before Starting A Diet

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Measuring tapeWhen we decide to start a diet it is very important for us to understand that are many factors that can lead to weight gain, and just adopting a strict diet won’t solve years of unhealthy eating.

This is the reason why we will talk about the factors that can lead to weight gain and what medical steps should we follow before starting a diet.

Why do we gain weight?

Even if at a first glance an unhealthy diet is the main cause, it is possible that behind obesity to be some medical causes. The diagnosis and the correct treatment of these imbalances, and associating a proper diet and physical activity are often the only solution for a healthy and fit body.

Factors that can lead to weight gain:

  • Stress: stress triggers a series of reactions in our body which increases the cortisol (the stress hormone) which (more…)

Learn To Love Your Body

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Wear your heart on the palm of your handsWe all have issues with our bodies.

Most of us have at least one thing that we would love to change about ourselves, whether it is a little extra softness in our tummies, frizzy hair or thighs that don’t quite match the thighs that we see on the Victoria’s Secret runway shows.

While pursuing the healthiest and best of us, in our quest for the almost always unattainable so-called perfect body, we can end up hating ourselves and our inability to look like the models on magazine covers and actresses in movies!

We forget that those models have the benefit of airbrush artists and photo editors, not to mention, some of them have lives without the joys of ice-cream!

If you’re about to start a workout plan or some kind of weight (more…)

Spring Diseases And How To Avoid Them

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Spring timeSpring is here but green landscapes and sunny weather are not the only things that come with it.

On Spring some people confront multiple problems related with the season, from a simple cold to the worsening of the already existing health problems.

Therefore, today we talk about the diseases which may become more problematic on Spring, and how to treat them.

1. Ulcer and gastritis

Well, this one I can confirm, ladies, since I was diagnosed with gastritis a few years ago. These two conditions are manifested especially in the Spring and Fall, because of the sudden change of temperature. They are accompanied by abdominal pain and the sensibility to certain foods.

If you suffer from these two diseases, it’s time to be more careful on (more…)

How To Read Your Health Problems in Your Eyes

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Blue eyeThe eyes can not only show spiritual mysteries about a human being, but also certain health issues. In this article we will talk about which signs indicate certain diseases.

Swollen eyelids

Eyelid swelling can be a symptom for the following affections:

  • Allergies (food, drugs)
  • Renal diseases
  • Chronic liver diseases
  • Food deprivation

A lowered eyelid can show an affection of cranial nerves. Abnormal (more…)

The Connection Between Our Diet And The Health Of Our Brain

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Vegetal brainThe health of our brain depends of two factors: our lifestyle and our genetic inheritance.

If you think that your diet doesn’t have much to do with the well functioning of your brain, you are wrong.

Processed and semi-prepared foods can have serious side-effects on the brain.

Did you know that fast foods trigger in the brain the same pleasure as drugs? This may be the reason why we are so happy when we consume them and why we tend to be addicted on certain foods. Therefore, this means that we can improve the health of our brain, by following the following three rules:

Healthy eating plan

Include in your daily diet the following products, which are known (more…)

Simple And Natural Tips For Fighting Acne

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Face paint like acneDon’t just you feel nervous looking at the acne that simply bloomed on your cheek?

It has happen to everybody and on several occasions, I’m sure.

For this reason, I decided to look for ways and methods for fighting acne and actually winning the battle.

Eat Well and Exercise Regularly!

If there is any sentence to perfectly enable the sense of the battle against acne, then this is: a healthy lifestyle is the key of your success!

One of the most common skin conditions, acne affects hundreds and hundreds of people every year but it can be fought with little weapons and a lot (more…)

6 Flat Belly Tips

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Abdomen muscleWe all crave that elusive flat stomach that we see on models and celebrities.

For some of us though, getting that flat stomach can be easier said and done!

Trust me, doing a set of one thousand crunches won’t necessarily help you get rid of belly-flab, that’s because only cardio and all-over weight-loss will really help you get rid of body-fat.

There are a few tips though, to help fast-track you on the way to trading in your flab for abs!

1. Eat smaller meals!

Don’t ever skip meals when dieting. Instead, eat several smaller meals every three to four hours. This will help kick your metabolism into (more…)

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