Anorexia, the disease of the 21st century

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Women and we always want to reach perfection, especially when we are talking about our physical appearance.

Unfortunately, the fact that the media promotes perfection has more negative aspects than positive ones, leading to eating disorders and self-image issues.

Researchers have shown that thin fashion models in the media may contribute to the increase in eating disorders in women.

Physical effects of anorexia

Physical consequences of eating disorders can be severe and extremely dangerous, leading in untreated cases, to death. Eating disorders present the biggest risk of death from all mental illnesses: about 19 from 100 (more…)

Anti-Aging Tips From Dr. Oz

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Anti aging

“Aging has become a real problem in the world. Living a healthy life can, however, counter premature aging”

says the famous cardiologist Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Also called America’s doctor, he became famous because of his appearance on Oprah Winfrey TV show, and his popularity increased because of his own TV show called Dr. Oz Show, where he promote a healthy life and fights against obesity and other diseases caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Here are some tips from Dr. Oz which may help us improve our lifestyle and create the way to a healthier life:

Staying Slim With Stana Katic

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Stana KaticI know only a handful of people around me, who are not obsessed with this great TV show called Castle.

It’s not just the witty humor and great characters that glue the eyes to the screen, but also the very attractive and fit Stana Katic, playing the energetic detective Beckett who chases criminals in stilettos.

Stana is one of those girls who have been blessed with great genes, but also likes to work for her image. The slender figure and long legs, firm arms are a result of a healthy diet and daily activity.

She says one of her secrets is organic diet. By choosing organic foods, she manages to eliminate artificial additives, including sweeteners (more…)

Emma Stone’s Beauty Secrets

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Emma StoneAmong all the well known Hollywood celebrities and models, there is a young upcoming actress, who enchanted the public with her talent and her great figure.

Emma Stone always manages to look stunning and almost anything she wears looks gorgeous on her slender body.

What is her secret?

Although she jokes about living a sedentary life, Emma invests in her body with her healthy eating habits and her daily training routine.

Walking and hiking

One of her hobbies include walking and hiking in the mountainous regions of California, which is a perfect way to stay in good shape. Whenever (more…)

5 Fitness Tips to Learn from Madonna

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Fit MadonnaWe all know Madonna and most of us have grown up with her songs.

The „queen of pop” is known not only for the ability to reinvent herself constantly but also for the fact that she manages to maintain an awesome body in spite of the passage of years.

But how does she do this?

Get ready to find out the diva’s secrets on how she keeps her body in tip top shape!

Eat Clean

No matter how much you work out, the results will not be effective unless you eat the right things. Madonna’s personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, is (more…)

Alcoorexia – The Worst New Celebrity Fashion Diet

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Alcohol glassesI’ve always wondered how those skinny celebrities manage to keep their weight, when all we see is them boozing and partying in the weekends or even during the week.

Apparently the new celebrity fashion diet is alcoorexia, also known as drunkorexia.

We often talk about great celebrity diets, but this is one that no one should follow.

Dietitians say that it could be one of the worst diets.

Unfortunately many female celebs use it to stay in shape, and drink a huge amount of alcohol in the same time.

According to a survey completed at University of Missouri-Columbia, many students use this form of dieting as well to prevent weight gain (more…)

Miranda Kerr’s Diet

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Miranda KerrAlthough she never had serious weight issues, being an international supermodel means having to make a lot of sacrifices to maintain a perfectly fit figure.

Miranda has managed for years to keep a slender and fit look; moreover, just two months after giving birth, she returned on the catwalk looking better than ever.

Regardless of all the fame and success, being one of the Victoria’s Secret angels is not easy by far; their bodies might look dreamlike, but in the end they are people just like us, with the difference that they can’t allow themselves to look out of shape (more…)

Dieting Like A Pro With Jared Dudley

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Jared DudleyHow do athletes reach and keep their bodies so fit?

Many would say it’s all about discipline, a matter of developing a system and keeping close to it.

However, acquiring self-discipline means also finding the right diet and the most appropriate fitness routine for us as individuals.

A good example is Jared Dudley, NBA star and professional basketball player at the age of 20.

According to his own statements, he used to be a rather large child, (more…)

Lose Weight in Style with Jennifer Hudson

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Jennifer HudsonWinston Churchill used to say: “Never, never, never give up!”

Some people are the embodiment of his saying.

Take the Oscar-winning actress, Jennifer Hudson for example.

She dropped five dress sizes, and 60 pounds!?

The singer and actress signed on as Weight Watcher‘s Spokes model, and now share her amazing slimming down journey with the public on various sites and social networking.

How did Jennifer Hudson lost weight?

Her secret consists of healthy dieting and hitting gym 5 times a (more…)

Stay Fit and Strong with Jane Fonda

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Jane FondaJane Fonda has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years now and has released and starred in 23 fitness videos, sold worldwide.

Although she recently turned 73, she looks stunning.

The secret is in her work out routines, which she decided to share with us once more.

After a 15 years break, she released another 2 home fitness videos called “Walkout” and “Fit & Strong”.

The videos present low-impact routines, designed to build your strength, burn calories and make you feel energized the entire day.

What’s best about them is that they are addressed to people of (more…)

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