Lose Weight With Fitbug Online Coaching

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Fitbug pedometerAs technology advances, losing weight becomes more and more also a matter of how well you know to use high tech devices.

From my experience, I would point towards the Fitbug pedometer and the online program which makes it truly unique.

Considered the perfect virtual coach, the Fitbug pedometer has been designed to help you gain control over your daily menu, to keep track of your physical activities and to motivate you to change nutrition and to exercise more…pretty complex for such a small device!

This stylish pocket-sized diet gadget is the magical solution for every person who doesn’t have the time, the motivation or the energy to make realistic changes of her/his lifestyle…as if something was missing!

Well, maybe it is the Fitbug missing! Great for multitasking, the Fitbug offers the following:

  • Monitors physical activities – it records the number of steps, the (more…)

Five Apps That Will Help You Lead A Healthy Life

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Mobile phoneWith new technology at our fingertips, it’s never been easier to keep track of our health.

As both Apple and Android markets improve their software and compatibility with new apps, more people are now able to download apps that help regulate diets, exercise and medication schedules.

Whether you’re trying to measure your blood glucose levels, regulate your medication, trying to understand our illnesses through symptom trackers, or simply trying to maintain your weight, the convergence of technology and health practices will undoubtedly help you stay on on the right track.

Let’s explore five of the most popular health-related apps that have been taking the digital market by storm.

Gym Goals Plus

Having an extensive database of exercises (280 to be exact), Gym Goals Plus is an app that allows users to track their performance, workout (more…)

Count Burned Calories With Nike+ SportWatch

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nike+sportwatchIn today’s technological context it is rather difficult to survive without making use of devices, gadgets and other appliances.

And since their use has proven its efficiency in many situations, why not use smart high tech gadgets for losing weight as well?

A smart high tech device like the one designed by Nike: the new model Nike+ SportWatch powered by TomTom.

Run and Count Lost Calories, Run and Count Lost Calories…

Available in several colours, the Nike+ SportWatch GPS is exactly what you need for an enhanced control of your physical activity. The GPS system powered by TomTom helps you keep track of the distance covered, provides online maps and displays in real time distance, pace and duration.

The Nike+ SportWatch features a sensor, which adds accuracy (more…)

Anorexia, the disease of the 21st century

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Women and we always want to reach perfection, especially when we are talking about our physical appearance.

Unfortunately, the fact that the media promotes perfection has more negative aspects than positive ones, leading to eating disorders and self-image issues.

Researchers have shown that thin fashion models in the media may contribute to the increase in eating disorders in women.

Physical effects of anorexia

Physical consequences of eating disorders can be severe and extremely dangerous, leading in untreated cases, to death. Eating disorders present the biggest risk of death from all mental illnesses: about 19 from 100 (more…)

HAPIfork – The Fork That Helps You Stay In Shape!

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HAPIforkLosing weight relates more and more with all sorts of innovative devices that help us monitor and control all our diet.

One of the nicest, funniest inventions to support our correct eating is the amazing HAPIfork.

Revealed at the CES Unveiled 2013, this electronic fork has been designed to slow down your eating.

What you cannot control, technology does!

Any nutritionist will tell you that it is important to eat slowly otherwise we risk not only to experience poor digestion but also to gain some pounds. It (more…)

WearIT and Be Your Personal Trainer!

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WearIT watchIf you were looking for the perfect sport watch, look no more: the new WearIT is the answer to your search!

Smart and good looking, featuring an amazing list of applications, this sport watch is technology’s answer to your demands for assistance while exercising!

Monitor, Control and Lose Weight!

A bright pixel screen hides an operating system powered by a solid Android 4.0. The sportive WearIT is available in many colors: from the classics black and white to the nonconformist red, orange or yellow.

The processor, a Cortex A8, allows users to access music and video (more…)

Boost Up Your Fitness Sessions With Iqua Beat

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Iqua beatI don’t know how it is for you but for me cold, winter days are really a fitness-mood killer.

I often have difficulties in finding the motivation I need to complete my daily fitness routine.

So, lately I have spent many hours looking for solutions to this problem.

In the end, I stumbled across the amazing Iqua Beat, a revolutionary fitness gadget that helps me stay in shape!

Iqua Beat- The Energizing Bluetooth Sports Headset!

Simple and very efficient, the new Iqua Beat has been designed to be the perfect fitness (more…)

Keep Track Of Your Fitness Routine With Basis Band

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Basis bandGetting an insight on your physical movement, understanding what healthy habits we have and what we should change is a great way to reach your goals.

To be honest, I never really understood how these fitness gadgets work.

Well, it all changed with the release of the Basis Band.

With the help of this wristwatch-like gadget, you can measure the body’s temperature, heart rate but also skin response to galvanic factors.

The designers of this band intended to amaze clients with more than a simple monitoring device and they managed to do so.

The Benefits of Metrics Measurement

Perfectly complementing a dynamic lifestyle, Basis Band comes with a sleek, modern design, ease to customize with colored straps. Behind the (more…)

Monitor Burnt Calories With Nike Fuel Band

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Nike fuel bandI have to confess that it was only recently I’ve discovered the use and the benefits of fitness gadgets.

It seems that some of them can really boost your workout by simply providing you accurate information on your progress.

Take, for example, Nike Fuel Band.

The little gadget has been designed by Nike for persons who look to keep track of their athletic results. Basically, the wristband gathers information on the overall movement you perform throughout a day.

Why Nike Fuel Band?

Nike Fuel Band will count the number of burnt calories by monitoring every activity, no matter what is the type of activity: walking, playing (more…)

IndoorWalking – A New Fitness Program

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IndoorWalkerRecently I have discovered a new program with many benefits and loved by many, namely IndoorWalking.

Here are the main reasons why you should join such a class.

Reduced impact on joints

It is well known, unfortunately, that activities such as jogging or aerobics can put an enormous pressure on joints or on knees. IndoorWalking reproduces the movements of jogging or walking, but since the feet are constantly on platforms, there is a floating sensation which is a sign that there is (more…)

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