Building A Gym At Home With A Small Budget

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Home fitnessIn our attempt of escaping or avoiding physical exercise, we come up with all sorts of interesting excuses, more or less true.

In this sense, the financial aspect is often invoked…that we don’t have enough money for the monthly subscription, that we have to buy new equipment for going at the gym and so on….it really seems like an impossible mission!

However, mean people, people who want to see us slim and fit have come up with all sorts of ideas and solutions to solve the issue. For example, how about setting up your personal gym at home by spending only a couple of hundreds of dollars? It sounds impossible…in reality, it is not!

Setting Up a Gym- What, Where and Why!

The list of ‘must haves’ of any gym home collection starts with a generous working space. Maybe a little room unused or the garage, if the (more…)

Getting Rid Of Back Fat

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Fat backWe all know that there is no way to target particular areas of our body for weight loss, or to spot reduce, as its commonly known.

While spot reducing could be awesome, if it actually worked, it generally doesn’t.

This is why hundreds of crunches, or leg lifts, won’t necessarily help you reduce the fat in your stomach or thighs.

The only way to reduce fat on a particular area of your body, is through overall weight loss by cardiovascular activity and/or resistance training.

Most women have issues with those pesky rolls of fat on our backs, beneath our armpits, bras and in the lower back and love handles area. Try as we might, we can’t seem to get rid of those unsightly rolls.

Trying to spot reduce your back fat won’t work, you first have to (more…)

Making The Most Out Of Your Run

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JoggingRunning is great form of cardio, that we should all participate in, fairly regularly.

It can literally help you shed the pounds.

If you’re wanting to lose belly fat, don’t think that you can spot-reduce with millions of crunches each day, there’s no such thing, your best solution is to do cardio activity, and burn those calories, and running is surefire way to do so.

It can be easy to coast on your run though, and not make the most of it. Here are some examples of what not to do:

  1. Running at snail’s pace, talking on the phone and chugging (more…)

Couch Potatoes Can Workout Too

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Couch potatoFinding time to exercise can be difficult for many of us.

In between our busy work or school schedules, our social calendars and family lives, we are often unable to prioritize going to the gym or working out in general, as we probably should be doing.

To maintain our health and weight, we should be fitting in physical activity at least three times per week.

That can seem daunting for those of us who work, go to school, or have a hectic family life.

Many of us who lead busy lifestyles find our only reprieve when we return to our houses and sit in front of the television, on the couch, with a glass of wine and a slice of cake. We can sometimes spend hours and hours in front of the television, not even realizing what we are doing, sometimes even (more…)

Working Out At Home

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Morning fitnessThere are definitely some downsides to working out at a gym.

For one thing, the cost of the membership alone, can be enough to deter many people wanting to get some exercise. Other challenges can include, finding the right gym that is near to your home or office and getting over the natural awkwardness and discomfort you might feel while working out amid people maybe a bit ahead of you on their fitness levels.

Fortunately, if the gym isn’t for you, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on exercising all together. There are plenty of other options for working out, without you having to shell out money each month to go to a gym. (more…)

Rhythmic Weight Loss

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Salsa dancersDiets again?

Don’t you sometimes wonder why these extra pounds can disturb us so much?

Don’t you dream of a way to lose weight and still have fun?

Well, good news: the miraculous recipe has been discovered and is called dancing.

Losing weight is never a simple task. On the contrary, it’s rather a life time challenge. However, in combination with fun activities such as dancing, it becomes a real treat for the mind and for the soul. Here are some ideas on what you can do:

Attend dance classes!

More and more fitness centers organize dance classes. For instance, zumba, a combination of fitness with dance movements, is gaining more and (more…)

Swimming Benefits

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Butterfly stroke swimming womanSince summer is just around the corner and swimming is the perfect sport for this warm and fun season, today we’ll talk about the physical and psychological benefits of swimming.

Swimming is an activity that will bring many benefits to your health, being an excellent cardio workout, toning your muscles and helping you lose weight in a fun and relaxing way.

If you will truly understand the benefits of swimming and you will practice it correctly, the quality of your life will be visibly improved.

This fun sport is considered to be a low-risk activity, in comparison to regular sports (aerobics or jogging) and if it’s executed correctly can even cure various diseases of the locomotory system.

There are plenty of reasons to swim! Here are some benefits of (more…)

Getting Off Your Treadmill This Spring

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TreadmillThe frigid Winter weather has probably kept you huddling indoors, curled up on your couch or for the really dedicated: working out indoors and maybe running on your treadmill.

If you’re like many people though, running on a treadmill probably just doesn’t bring you the same joy and rush as putting foot to pavement on the open road and feeling the wind rushing by you.

Now that the warmer weather is almost here though, don’t let your excitement get ahead of you and jump too quickly back into your outdoor running routine. Here’s why.

First off, the impact of running on the treadmill is not nearly as stressful on your knees and joints as running outdoors on hard pavement is. If (more…)

Find Out What Sport Fits Your Temperament

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Tennis timeEver thought that the reason why you hate doing sport is that what you tried until now doesn’t match with your personality?

We have now the explanation.

Swimming, biking, playing basketball or tennis, you are about to find out which one suits you best depending on your temperament!


Cheerful, sociable and balanced, they can make everyone around them feel better, which is the reason why everyone wants them around. These qualities can make them sometimes overestimate.

What sport suits your personality?

If you are a sanguine, it is indicated for you to choose team sports, where you have to interact with your partners. Also, challenging sports are (more…)

5 Tips For An Efficient Time Management At The Gym

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GymBe honest: how many times it happened for you to feel like you are wasting precious time at the gym or that you could have done so much more?

And how many times it happened to wait in line for the shower or to get late at a meeting because you didn’t finish the workout in time?

Well, don’t worry: it happens to everybody from time to time! Luckily, there are many ways to fix that!

After intensive search and experimenting, these are some of the conclusions I would like to share with you. By following these tips, you will improve (more…)

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