Smoking And Your Weight

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Blue smokeWe all know the dangers of smoking cigarettes.

Smoking can lead to chronic bronchitis, other respiratory issues, heart disease and lung cancer, just to name a few.

That’s also not counting the nasty physical effects, like blackened lips, yellowing teeth and scary breath.

What we don’t hear about too much though, is the correlation between smoking and being skinny. Its no coincidence that smokers often appear to be slimmer than the average non-smoker.

The primary additive in cigarettes, nicotine, is known to suppress appetite, and this is why many smokers associate a drag with a snack or mealtime. Long- term smokers can attest that the relief and sense of relaxation and comfort, that comes from smoking a cigarette is akin to that of eating a large and yes, delicious, meal.

This is because, nicotine acts on specific receptors in the brain (more…)

Learn To Love Your Body

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Wear your heart on the palm of your handsWe all have issues with our bodies.

Most of us have at least one thing that we would love to change about ourselves, whether it is a little extra softness in our tummies, frizzy hair or thighs that don’t quite match the thighs that we see on the Victoria’s Secret runway shows.

While pursuing the healthiest and best of us, in our quest for the almost always unattainable so-called perfect body, we can end up hating ourselves and our inability to look like the models on magazine covers and actresses in movies!

We forget that those models have the benefit of airbrush artists and photo editors, not to mention, some of them have lives without the joys of ice-cream!

If you’re about to start a workout plan or some kind of weight (more…)

Anorexia, the disease of the 21st century

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Women and we always want to reach perfection, especially when we are talking about our physical appearance.

Unfortunately, the fact that the media promotes perfection has more negative aspects than positive ones, leading to eating disorders and self-image issues.

Researchers have shown that thin fashion models in the media may contribute to the increase in eating disorders in women.

Physical effects of anorexia

Physical consequences of eating disorders can be severe and extremely dangerous, leading in untreated cases, to death. Eating disorders present the biggest risk of death from all mental illnesses: about 19 from 100 (more…)

What Tempts Us To Overeat?

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Fish and potatoesDuring the day I experience more than once the need to eat.

But how many times a day do I really need to eat?

The pains of hunger have to be carefully distinguished from the stimuli tempting us to overeat.

People have a complex relationship with food. The need to eat can be both mandatory and voluntary. Most of the times, we tend to indulge and this is what causes us to become overweight.

With all the things we need to do during a normal day, I believe that we no longer understand what hunger is. Our relationship with food has changed, primarily because we have too many options and tempting products galore. That’s why you need to learn the main seven ways our body tricks (more…)

The 5 Health And Fitness Resolutions To Make In 2013

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2013 new yearNow that the New Year is drawing near, it’s time to think about the things we have already achieved and those we would like to complete in the months to come.

Among the New Year’s resolutions, many people would like to become more financially prosperous while others are eager to improve their own image.

And what better way to do this than by getting in control of our bad-eating habits?

Health and fitness resolutions must not be very complicated.

Pricey gym memberships and expensive organic food will not guarantee success in terms of one’s improved body version. Instead, there are a few (more…)

Stay In Shape After Christmas

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Christmastree with ornamentsEverybody loves Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

But even though they are fun and enjoyable holidays, they are very tiring at the same time.

You eat and drink everything you like, you spend a lot of time searching for gifts and you spend time cooking for your loved ones.

But once holidays are over, getting back to your job and your normal life can be a difficult thing to do. So, don’t let January be depressing and whip yourself back into shape and why not, respect your promises for the year that has just come.

Pull yourself together and start preparing yourself for some time of restoration by staying away from things you abused from.

What you should drink?

Water, of course. We don’t even need to mention how important this is. What other drinks purify your body? Tea is also highly recommended (more…)

Facts You Didn’t Know About Chocolate

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Hot chocolateIt’s December and the chocolate products are plentiful.

We can even say that December is the month of chocolate, because it is a very accessible gift and we all know that ladies love chocolate.

More than twice as many women than men eat and crave chocolate.

Chocolate was considered from ancient times “food of the gods” or “drink of the gods” because it was originally prepared in a liquid state, being used in many ceremonies and considered sacred.

The Mayans are believed to have discovered drinking chocolate more than 2,000 years ago. Today Americans consume almost half of the (more…)

Food And Auto Suggestion

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Happy fruit faceEach one of us has their own thoughts about food.

Some of us enjoys it while others feel guilty when eating something they think it’s prohibited.

Take for example a piece of cake.

Some people see it just as something that makes you fat while other people are enjoying every piece of it and considering it delightful. But that’s not all. More important is the fact that what we think about food has an influence on how we assimilate it and how we depose fats. Shortly, our thoughts influence our metabolic power.

Do you think that thoughts can’t be this powerful? Think about the time when you are at work, bored and tired, and you expect nothing than to (more…)

Lose Weight With The Help Of A Mobile Application

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Mobile phoneWeight loss can be a tricky thing, as I have been struggling to lose a couple of pound lately and somehow I could not get myself motivated to exercise more.

Something was missing, and I think it was feedback, namely someone or something to keep track of my progress.

Then I discovered an interesting study on how to use your phone to help you lose weight.

Regulating your behavior with the help of the mobile application

The new Northwestern Medicine study first draw attention on one fact: the mobile application developed is not magical, as it does not help you (more…)

5 Ways To Get A Fit Body

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Morning fitnessI know you’re always looking for ways of staying fit and healthy.

Naturally, your body needs care and affection in order to cope up with the tough everyday challenges of life.

In order to enjoy life at the fullest, you have to read this article to know the 5 most amazing ways to get a fit body.

1. Be as active as you can

The more physically active you will be, the more fit your body will get. Stop being a couch potato, stand up, and get all your stuff yourself.

Walk a mile, run with a friend, enjoy cycling and keep yourself fresh (more…)

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