Healthy Diet Goals

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Fresh salmonWhen starting a new diet most of us have a goal in mind.

It can be either losing weight or adding some pounds.

However, not many of us choose to talk to a professional before starting the diet which can have as consequence bad diet choices. Why?


  • We are not well informed even if when we think we are.

Most of us think that we know what to eat and what to eliminate from our alimentation. The fact is that only a specialist can tell this (more…)

Is Sea Salt Better Than Table Salt?

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Red saltSea salt is very popular nowadays.

Many diets recommend using it instead of the table salt especially in the case of high blood pressure also known as hypertension.

Is this the right approach?

Should we replace table salt with sea salt?

As we all know, high blood pressure is one the consequences of being overweight. This condition can be caused by many other factors too besides obesity but, people who have weight problems are likely to develop hypertension problems.

The diet for someone who has high blood pressure should be designed (more…)

Are Potatoes Completely Forbidden In A Diet?

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Fried potatoesMost diets forbid eating potatoes at least in the beginning phase like for example, in the case of the South Beach Diet.

Two other good examples would be the Atkins Diet and the Paleo Diet.

They do not allow potatoes no matter the phase.

I’ve always believed that all aliments are good if they are consumed in small quantities, from time to time and cooked in a healthy manner. I think that potatoes make no exception.

Why do most diets forbid potatoes?

Those who created these diets promote the idea that carbohydrates are not healthy at all. In fact, most of them are based on eating mostly (more…)

Why Are Apples Super Fruits

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AppleApples are ones of the most common fruits available all year long and yet special due to their incredible properties and benefits.

We hear a lot about exotic super fruits that are supposed to maintain our health, such as berries or pomegranates but we tend to forget those that are at our reach.

Apples are the cheapest among fruits and the healthiest too.

We all know what they say that ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away!’, but let’s face it: no one knows exactly why apples are so good for our (more…)

How To Help Your Teen Eat Healthy

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Teenage girlAs I’ve explained in my previous article, when talking about teenagers and diets, an unbalanced way of eating can have serious health consequences.

Getting all of the essential nutrients is crucial during their growing period.

It’s also the most indicated time for them to learn how to eat healthy.

Unfortunately, we can’t ignore the fact that nowadays, most teenagers are overweight. They are also most likely to develop eating disorders during this period.

The temptation of eating fast foods or sweets and pastries is big (more…)

Is Eating Eggs Healthy?

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Egg and toastOn my search for the perfect diet I found that many of them were based on eating eggs.

I don’t mean egg whites but whole eggs.

Are eggs really healthy for us or are they just another source of cholesterol that we could avoid especially when we are trying to lose weight?

I’ve always considered that eliminating some types of aliments from our diet is not healthy and that moderation is the key.

But eating up to three eggs a day for two or more weeks cannot possibly be a wise thing. In fact, the American Heart Association recommends consuming less than 300 mg dietary cholesterol a day. Since an egg has between (more…)

How To Healthily Fight Fatigue

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Exhausting day of workAfter a tiring day at the office, or after a strenuous workout (or both) we come home and we feel entirely drained of energy.

Some people prefer, in such case, taking all sorts of supplements, or sleeping it off, even if that affects their schedule.

However, you can fight such states of fatigue by healthy means.


This mineral is recommended in all cases of fatigue. In order not to interfere with the health of other organs or in order to avoid side effects, avoid supplements. However, you can get magnesium from nuts or seeds, (more…)

Why Introduce Nettle Leafs In Your Diet?

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NettleThe nettle leaf is a plant specific to the cold regions of Europe and Asia.

It has a vast history, being used for hundreds of years by our ancestors as a remedy for different medical conditions.

In spite of it being known as the ‘devil’s leaf’-due to its stinging effect-this plant has lots of health benefits.

However, not everyone appreciates its taste.

Still, the nettle leafs are very rich in nutrients and poor in calories, which makes them ideal for someone who wants to lose weight and detoxify at the same time.

Among herbs, this plant is one of the richest in vitamins, minerals and (more…)

Summer Tomato Recipes

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Fresh tomatoesTomatoes are so versatile, don’t you think?

It’s their high season now, so it’s worth giving them your full attention, as they provide impressive health benefits.

Here are a few ideas on how to enjoy tomatoes, in case you’re bored with your regular salad:

1. Eggplant and tomato sandwich

The main ingredients are one large eggplant, two medium tomatoes and 4 ounces of soft cheese. You also need one tablespoon of chopped basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard. Slice the eggplant and place (more…)

Microwave Meals: Good or Bad?

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Microwave Oven

You know those moments, when you just get home, you’re tired and hungry and the best option seems to be throwing something in the microwave oven and have it ready in 5 minutes.

Well, we all sense that this might not be the healthiest choice, but we prefer not to think about it.

But what is the truth?

The first thing you need to consider is that the ready-made meals which come in packages and take just a few minutes for baking are generally not healthy. If you just have a quick look at the label you will be convinced (more…)

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