The Negative Calorie Foods Myth

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Raw CeleryThe first time I heard this combination of words, I thought for a second that someone had discovered some magical type of food containing zero or actual negative calories.

Well, just for a second!

Except for, perhaps, water, everything contains calories.

Some people say, there are foods, cutely named “negative calorie”, which are special because of the reaction between them and the body.

The claim

They claim that what happens is this: as we know, everything contains calories, which are the unit measures for energy. By ingesting foods, we (more…)

Discover Noni Health Benefits!

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Noni fruit

When we talk about diets and losing weight, about healthy living in general, each may bring a new idea, a new possibility to consider.

That is why today I want to make you a simple proposal: let’s discover together the health benefits of noni, or to be more precise, noni juice!

Also known as Morinda citrifolia, noni is a tree found on many islands from the Pacific.

The plant, which grows naturally, has been used for hundreds of years by the local population in treating different affections.

In the last years, noni juice has become very popular, especially in the United States and was later on imported in Europe as well. From the first clinical studies it turns out that noni juice has many health benefits (more…)

The Master Cleanse Diet – A Master Yo-Yo Diet

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Lemonade in a glassWhile browsing the net, I’ve come across what I consider to be an extreme fad and strange diet: the Master Cleanse diet.

What’s interesting about it, is that people are still discussing it and are thinking about trying it nowadays, even though it was invented as a diet in the 1970′s and as a cure for ulcer in the 1940′s, by Stanley Burroughs, a controversial figure in his time.

The diet consists of drinking lemonade made with water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup for days in a row (the period of time may vary), so the advantage is that it’s very cheap.

Along with the lemonade, the diet includes some salt water in the (more…)

Incentives For Healthy Eating Habits From IBM

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IBM burger

It’s not important if you want to lose weight for health or fashion reasons.

The important fact is that losing weight is a long term process and you ca expect it to happen in a few months or even years, depending on your current weight.

What happens after a few lost pounds when you feel there’s no motivation left? When you see that pie or ice cream for desert in the cafeteria you could be easily tempted to forget about your diet.

That’s when IBM comes into place. The idea for this program is to offer an incentive for every health choice you make. The program recently (more…)

Alcoorexia – The Worst New Celebrity Fashion Diet

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Alcohol glassesI’ve always wondered how those skinny celebrities manage to keep their weight, when all we see is them boozing and partying in the weekends or even during the week.

Apparently the new celebrity fashion diet is alcoorexia, also known as drunkorexia.

We often talk about great celebrity diets, but this is one that no one should follow.

Dietitians say that it could be one of the worst diets.

Unfortunately many female celebs use it to stay in shape, and drink a huge amount of alcohol in the same time.

According to a survey completed at University of Missouri-Columbia, many students use this form of dieting as well to prevent weight gain (more…)

Eating Fish, Chicken, Nuts Can Lower Alzheimer’s Disease Risk

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Cod fish and vegetablesRegular consumption of foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish, chicken, salad dressing and nuts can lower the risk of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

The omega-3 fatty acid has the role of lowering blood levels of a protein which is held responsible for causing this dreadful brain disease.

These findings pertain to a recent study published in the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

In order to conduct the study, approximately 1200 people older than 65 and free of dementia were asked to provide information about their diet (more…)

Vitamin B12 Injections, The New Way To Lose Weight

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Vitamin injectionI just heard about one of the newest trends among celebrities who want to lose weight: vitamin B-12 injections.

I’ve never heard about this before and I got intrigued by the way it is supposed to work.

We all know that the B vitamins are essential for our health and well being, and any deficiency in this respect can seriously affect us.

Some of the initial symptoms exhibited by those who lack vitamin B 12 may range from fatigue, depression, anxiety and a general lack of energy.

Most fad diets trigger almost the same symptoms, which is why (more…)

Are Leggings Bad For Us?

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Leggings are very fashionable nowadays.

I usually prefer wearing such clothing items during winter, as they are really comfortable and keep the cold away.

They also seem to keep my leg muscles firm.

And, if I eat a little bit too much, my belly and other unwanted fat around my waist seems to be elegantly concealed.

However, I’m having second thoughts on whether I should wear leggings this next fall and winter.

Sammy Margo, a physiotherapist based in London, claims that leggings do look good and help you stay in tune with fashion trends, but they might be (more…)

Chewing Gum – A Good Weight Loss Trick?

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Chewing gumI’m always on the look for new diet strategies, snack ideas or tricks on how to improve my eating habits.

Being always fit and slim is tough and who knows that better than celebrities who are always in the spotlight?

I’ve recently discovered that more and more celebs use different tricks to tame their hunger or cravings:

  • they wash their teeth before eating,
  • they drink a glass of water before each meal and
  • some of them chew sugar-free gum when they feel like having (more…)

Selective Eating Disorder

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Picky with foodAre you picky about what you choose to eat?

I used to be, a very long time ago.

However, that probably does not count, because all children are picky.

In the mean time, I achieved the performance of being able to eat almost anything, depending on what’s available.

But, if you are still very hard to please when it comes to food, although you’re an adult, then you should know that you might be actually suffering from a certain disorder.

It is called “selective eating disorder” and it manifests as being (more…)

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