Building A Gym At Home With A Small Budget

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Home fitnessIn our attempt of escaping or avoiding physical exercise, we come up with all sorts of interesting excuses, more or less true.

In this sense, the financial aspect is often invoked…that we don’t have enough money for the monthly subscription, that we have to buy new equipment for going at the gym and so on….it really seems like an impossible mission!

However, mean people, people who want to see us slim and fit have come up with all sorts of ideas and solutions to solve the issue. For example, how about setting up your personal gym at home by spending only a couple of hundreds of dollars? It sounds impossible…in reality, it is not!

Setting Up a Gym- What, Where and Why!

The list of ‘must haves’ of any gym home collection starts with a generous working space. Maybe a little room unused or the garage, if the (more…)

Turning Your Kitchen Around

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No cookies no sweetsWe usually all start our diets with the best intentions, then a moment of weakness hits us, and we find ourselves elbow deep in cookies and chips.

It happens to the best of us.

If you are dieting, one of the best strategies to ensure that weak moments don’t necessarily have to do you in, is to simply get rid of the temptations around you, starting in the obvious and usual suspect: the kitchen.

First things first, is to assess what you need to get rid of. Start with obviously unhealthy items that wouldn’t do you any good, whether (more…)

Eating Seasonally

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Fruit salad in a melonMany of us don’t give a second thought, to what’s in season and what’s not, when we go to the grocery store.

Thanks to modern technology in food processing and storage techniques, we’re able to eat much of the same foods year-round.

This however, is not the way that our ancestors ate and there has been some research that has proven that eating foods out of season actually contributes to some health and weight problems, like allergies, diabetes and even obesity.

There are several reasons for this, with the most obvious being that, foods available out of season are often altered, or filled with preservatives that can do damage to our bodies.

Out of season vegetables, for example, are typically grown in (more…)

Working Out At Home

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Morning fitnessThere are definitely some downsides to working out at a gym.

For one thing, the cost of the membership alone, can be enough to deter many people wanting to get some exercise. Other challenges can include, finding the right gym that is near to your home or office and getting over the natural awkwardness and discomfort you might feel while working out amid people maybe a bit ahead of you on their fitness levels.

Fortunately, if the gym isn’t for you, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on exercising all together. There are plenty of other options for working out, without you having to shell out money each month to go to a gym. (more…)

Going Out To Eat On A Diet

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Lunch tableIn most developed countries going out to eat is an integral part of the culture.

Going out to restaurants is part of how we socialize, get to know each other, do business, and even build our relationships.

Eating out at restaurants can however be detrimental to your diet. While most restaurants offer healthy and low-calorie options on the menu, many also do not.

It can also be easy to forget your dietary rules when faced with a huge spread of food and a delectable dessert tray. Not to mention, those calories that sneak into your mouth without your realizing it, through your drinks, salad dressing and those pre-dinner rolls!

Going out to eat though does not have to ruin your diet. Here a few tips to help keep you on track:

  1. Don’t starve yourself to save up on calories. Its an incredibly (more…)

Night Eating Rules

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Mexican fajitasMost diets and eating plans highly recommend that you restrict your eating at night, and have your last meal 3-4 hours before going to bed.

Many dieters though, ignore that one rule, not understanding just how much late-night eating can wreak havoc on your diet.

Perhaps one of the best reasons or not eating late at night, is just the fact that no one really craves celery and hummus as a midnight snack. Late at night, in front of  the TV or with a good book, we typically crave comfort foods like chocolate, candies and other big no-no’s if you’re dieting.

That being said, if you’re watching your weight or on a diet of some sort, you should seriously consider obeying the 3-4 hours before going to bed  (more…)

Healthy Ideas For A Fast And Light Dinner

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Dinner lettuce cheese saladFood can become an enemy for our health and silhouette if we do not pay attention to what we eat and when we eat it.

It is very important to avoid skipping meals and try to have 3 main courses and two snacks every day. The dinner should be light and easy, because when you go to sleep the food in your stomach should be already digested, to avoid getting fat and having a unsatisfying sleep.

To be completely eliminated from the stomach, the meat needs up to 3 hours to be digested, in comparison with fruits, which only need 30 minutes to be digested. To make dinner selection easier for you, here you have some healthy ideas for a fast and light dinner:

Vegetable soup

Very healthy and low in calories, vegetable soup is ideal to be served for dinner. It is a warm meal which protects the digestive tract (more…)

Processed Meat Linked To Premature Death

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BBQ ribs in a buffet lineA recent study from the University of Zurich gave the final verdict: the consumption of processed meat products can shorten life.

The study was conducted on 250,000 people for 13 years.

The final conclusion was that sausages, salami, bacon and other processed meat products increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, leading to premature death.

What makes red meat so harmful to our health?

There are many ways red meat can affect your health. First of all, when it’s cooked at high temperatures, it releases certain compounds that are (more…)

Spring Diseases And How To Avoid Them

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Spring timeSpring is here but green landscapes and sunny weather are not the only things that come with it.

On Spring some people confront multiple problems related with the season, from a simple cold to the worsening of the already existing health problems.

Therefore, today we talk about the diseases which may become more problematic on Spring, and how to treat them.

1. Ulcer and gastritis

Well, this one I can confirm, ladies, since I was diagnosed with gastritis a few years ago. These two conditions are manifested especially in the Spring and Fall, because of the sudden change of temperature. They are accompanied by abdominal pain and the sensibility to certain foods.

If you suffer from these two diseases, it’s time to be more careful on (more…)

Eat Healthy And Save Money

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Euro chocolate coinAccording to many people, eating healthy implicitly means higher expenses.

Apparently, it’s a popular myth in the urban folklore.

Well, after serious calculations and a couple of shopping experiences, I have reached a simple conclusion: a healthy diet is a cheap diet.

Let’s see how that is possible and what tips you should keep in mind.

Smart and Healthy Planning of Your Weekly Budget!

The secret of your success resides in your attention and imagination of choosing and combining groceries. If you lack inspiration, take a look at the following list of suggestions:

  • Replace red meat with fish or chicken – not only they are healthier but they cost less, allowing you to instantly save some money. As for (more…)
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