Don’t Be a Diet Perfectionist!

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Fitness GirlI’m one of those persons who don’t like things to be done just halfway.

Usually, I’m either doing something right to the end, or not at all; I guess I’m a perfectionist, and this reflects on the way I approach diets.

Of course, perfectionism has its benefits, but also its drawbacks.

Let’s take a look at the drawbacks of being a diet perfectionist:

  1. I’m always starting diets on Mondays. It’s scientifically proven: Brian Wansink, PhD and professor in the fields of consumer behavior and nutritional science, claims that 46% of those who are trying to (more…)

5 Myths About Weight Loss

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Directions1. Men lose weight easier than women – True

Men have a major advantage over women when it comes to losing weight: a faster metabolism. The explanation is a simple one: a man’s body is mostly made out of lean muscles and has a higher rate of lean body mass than a woman’s body.

This is a key factor in the process of burning calories. It helps them burn calories faster than a woman, even when at rest, making them lose weight easier. Plus, men’s bodies respond better and faster to exercise. (more…)

Losing Weight With Oprah Winfrey

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Oprah WinfreyBesides being the host of the most popular show in the history of showbiz, Oprah is also known as one of the stars with a long history of yo-yo dieting.

As she declared in an interview, she has been fighting with her weight since 1977.

You would think that with all the money she has, cosmetic surgery could work wonders on her. Yet, she had the courage to lose weight like any other normal person does and not surrender to any type of (more…)

Fun Ways To Lose Weight With Your Best Friends

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GirlfriendsDo you remember those high-school Sundays when you had your best friends over for a movie night?

I bet it also ended with a lot of pizza leftovers and soda cans all around the house. Yet, you looked so happy and fit in your pixie jeans, right?

I read in some magazine that having a gym membership and a solid determination are not sufficient conditions to start rethinking your lifestyle and your health. What is really important is to have the “fun factor” as an integral part of your life. It’s vital to be optimistic (more…)

12 Weight Loss Steps For Lazy Dieters

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Lazy girlYou know you are lazy when you choose yoga sessions to lose weight, when you leave your shopping cart next to your parking place or order deliver food from a greasy fast food place next-door.

All these make your life easier, but it doesn’t mean they make you healthier as well.

If you want to keep your energy for some other activities rather than going to the gym, then I have few tips on how you can lose weight without too much effort:

  1. Never skip breakfast! Lazy dieters should never miss out on (more…)

Weight Loss And Stair Climbing

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StairsI shared with you a little time ago my passion for rock climbing. I was telling you it’s both fun and efficient, helping your physical and your mental state. However, if you’re not feeling at ease when all your limbs are far from the ground, I have another idea: stair climbing! I recently discovered that this is not just a day-to-day activity, but an actual sport, with actual competitions.

What does stair climbing offer?

  1. It’s an intense workout. If you choose to abandon the elevator (more…)

Dieting Without Actually Being On A Diet

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Rye BreadHow many times have you said to yourself:”Starting from tomorrow I’m on a diet!”? I know that I’ve said it so many times that I can’t even remember.

As well as I can’t remember how many times I’ve gave up on the diet right from the next day.

 But how about if I told you that you can lose weight without actually being on a diet and without giving up your favorite dishes? Here are a few tips to help you lose weight in an easy way:

  • the first things people think about giving up are sweets, right? (more…)

How To Maintain Your Weight

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Maintain your wieghtEverywhere you hear about all sorts of diets and weight loss programs. Even slender people consider losing weight at one point. I think there should be more emphasis on weight maintenance programs.

In fact this is the main reason diets fail. They tell you what to eat to lose weight, but they almost never tell you what to do to keep that weight loss.

So what should you do if you want to keep your new weight?

After a long period of restrictions, you might feel tempted to give up (more…)

Healthy Christmas Gadgets

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Healthy Christmas GiftI bet you’ve already started thinking about what to get your friends for Christmas.

I know it’s only November, but usually the Christmas frenzy starts a lot earlier than the actual holiday.

So, in case some of your friends have an active lifestyle, love sports or even just a morning jog, maybe these ideas will help you choose the perfect gift:

Mio Zone Plus Heart Rate Watch

This is an improved type of watch. Apart from time, it shows heart (more…)

Thinking And Reading Help You Lose Weight

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diet-books.jpgI’ve tried several diets these past few years. I could say there haven’t been any breaks between them; I just passed from one diet to another. And I’m really not that fat, just a few pounds more than average. However, each time I tried not to be on any diet, I found myself unable to eat what I wanted whenever I wanted. I still felt guilty, cautious and very self conscious. It seemed that my mind was more powerful than any diet.

Recently, I came across some books which focused exactly on this matter: the power of the mind over our bodies and how much thought influences (more…)

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