Eat A Banana A Day!

Banana and dietEat fruits every day!…there is no doubt that you have heard this expression before.

Doctors, nutritionists all recommend eating at least one fruit per day.

Of course, it depends on what you like and what you don’t like.

All fruits are good but some are better, so to say.

Today, I want to stop at bananas and why bananas are great for your health. Instead of one apple a day, why not a banana a day?

Source of energy

For example, a banana provides the energy for a fitness session of one hour. It contains important quantities of Vitamin A, iron, phosphorus, natural sugars and also potassium that assure a good level of energy in your body. What better snack could you think of?

Reduces blood pressure

Because of the high amounts of potassium, bananas will boost up your circulatory system, will regulate blood pressure and will also keep the health of your heart. Many benefits from a piece of fruit, right?

Natural remedy for constipation

Instead of taking medicines, protect the health of your digestive system with the help of banana. You can avoid constipation and other similar problems.

Mood booster

Tryptophan is the name of the substance which, according to researchers, will make you feel more relaxed and even happier. So, as you can see, banana improves also your mental health.

‘Speeds up’ neurological processes

Recent studies have showed that if you consume a banana three times per day as a complement to daily meals you will boost your brain activities. Apparently, the potassium is responsible for an increase of the brain power.

The list could go on. It is no surprise that many people refer to it as the super food. Rich in nutrients and loaded with good compounds, the banana is your devoted friend. Put one or two in the blender then add a cup of plain yogurt and maybe a teaspoon of honey….yammy and healthy!

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