Exercise With Your Baby

Exercise with your babySome of you may already know the drill: you have a baby – as soon as it is born, the real hustle starts.

In case you also love your job and you’ve decided to go back to that, then you surely don’t have time for anything else, between changing dippers, making sure your baby is healthy and going to work in between.

So how could you not gain weight? You start neglecting the proper diet you should have, and going to the gym seems a dream long gone.

The solution is much more unexpected than you might think. And very much into your reach, also!

An American dad, Joshua Levitt, shows us that you can use your baby (!) in order to stay fit even after setting up a family.
Unfortunately, his book refers to dads only. However, maybe something can be used by mums, too.

A father of three, Dr Levitt realized that he could have much more than quality time in the company of his children. So, as he was performing his chores around the house involving his children, he started developing all sorts of fitness-routines in order to get back in shape. Here are some of his ideas:

  • the baby bench press – this will definitely tone your arms! As you lie on your back, hold your baby under the armpits; lift him/her as you would at the gym with regular weights;
  • tot squats – this means that you hold your baby in your arms, as you would when cradling him/her; then you perform regular squats;
  • precious cargo row – use a chair; place your baby in the car seat and next to this chair; use the chair as support in order to lift the car seat together with the baby and make sure your back is not improperly bent;
  • peek-a-boo pop-ups - in order to work your back, especially your lower back, position yourself face down on the floor; with your arms stretched in front of you, support the baby; lift your lower body and do a pop up, then repeat with the upper body.

Dr Levitt is a naturopath, meaning he specializes is natural family medicine. He aims at treating diseases and conditions by using natural therapies and by avoiding any toxin-bearing procedures.

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