Facts About Body Image

Girl in the mirrorI’ve often wondered exactly how important is for me the way I look.

Of course, I think that a beautiful figure is a sign of health, meaning that the right posture, the proper exercise program and the healthy diet are elements of beauty.

Nevertheless, the opinion on what beauty means and what we are prepared to risk for it varies from woman to woman.

A recent study was conducted precisely on this matter by the University of the West of England and it focused on women studying on campuses all around the UK.

The most surprising result was that nearly all the women who were interviewed were not happy with the way they looked. They also thought that additional things were needed to be done in order to obtain the perfect figure.

The study also pointed what women are prepared to give or to renounce in order to look the way they want to. For instance, 16% of them said they would trade one year of their life for this purpose, while 10% said they would give up 2-5 years.

Moreover, it appears that many women are prepared to give up on things which are important in their careers in order to improve their appearance – such as promotions at work or obtaining a first class honors degree. On the other hand, not as many were prepared to give up spending time with family, friends or life partner.

Consequently, it appears that programs which promote a healthy body image are needed in order to increase satisfaction in women with respect to their bodies. 39% of the women which participated in this study said they would definitely subject themselves to plastic surgery in order to look better. And, even if most of the interviewed women were actually underweight, 79% of them declared they would like to lose even more weight.

An effective program promoting healthy body image is the Succeed Body Image Program, put together by the Succeed Foundation.

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