Facts About Camel Milk

CamelMost of us are used to consuming cow milk because we believe that this is the best milk.

Nevertheless, the milk produced by other animals has special properties as well and one of them is the camel milk.

I know, this may sound a little bit “exotic”, but the camel milk is a rich source of proteins with potential antimicrobial and protective activities.

Here are some facts about this type of milk:

  • When compared with traditional milk, camel milk is saltier. However, the level of cholesterol in camel milk is lower than cow or goat milk.
  • It includes antibodies that can help people fight against serious diseases such as cancer, HIV, Alzheimer’s and type B hepatitis.
  • It is perfect for the lactose intolerant people since it will not provoke any allergies, unlike cow milk.
  • Camel milk needs no cooking until boiling like a cow or goat’s milk. Its taste is rich and it should be drunk slowly to allow the stomach to digest.
  • Scientists have determined that camel milk is three times higher in vitamin C than cow’s milk. It also contains high levels of vitamin A, vitamin B2 and vitamin E and it includes ten times more iron than cow milk.
  • There is a high concentration of insulin in camel milk, which means that it has anti-diabetic properties. This thing is possible because the camel grazes on natural vegetation in the desert, among which the first choice is the medicinal plant known as neem.
  • Camel milk is the primary ingredient for some beauty products as well. Such a choice is justified by the fact that this milk is a natural source of Alpha-Hydroxy acids, which have the role of smoothing fine lines.

In view of all the health benefits mentioned above, I think it is worth to give a try to camel milk consumption. We must not forget that this milk enables Bedouin and desert herders to survive in some of the most hostile environment conditions.

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