Fast-Food, The Immortal Food

BugerFast food is the easiest and most convenient choice after a hard, long day at work.

You can find fast food restaurants or take-outs at every corner where you don’t have to wait more than 5 minutes for your order and everything tastes deliciously good.

Not to mention that a fast food menu, which usually consists of a burger, French fries and a soft drink, is cheaper than in any other restaurant that serves healthier food.

For all of these reasons, the fast food restaurants industry has turned into one of the most profitable businesses, especially in the US. Unfortunately the US also has the highest rate of obesity: 33% of the American adults are obese. Nevertheless, each year there are more and more fast food consumers.

Due to the fact that doctors and nutritionists haven’t managed yet to convince people to give up on fast food or at least reduce its consumption, different American specialists have decided to use another method.

They did an experiment on various fast foods from different restaurants. The experiment was simple and can be done by anyone. Basically, they left the food –burger and French fries in a room for several months. The results were shocking: after six months, the food looked exactly the same and didn’t spoil at all. Besides the fact that the color changed a little bit and the bread hardened, the food still looked great. If six months weren’t enough for this food to decompose, imagine how hard and how long it would take for our bodies to eliminate it.

The secret of the immortality of fast food is quite simple. As specialists said over and over again, fast foods contain lots of additives and preservatives, which keep them looking tasty all the time. Calcium and sodium propionate are also added to the food, to prevent bacterial and mold growth; this is why they can pass successfully the test of time.

As specialists observed, most of the ingredients used in fast food are similar or even identical to the ones used in processed foods found in supermarkets.

To conclude, I guess it’s safe to say that all processed aliments and fast foods are nutrient free and provide us only with chemicals, fat and tons of calories. If this experiment didn’t convince you yet, try to reduce your fast food consumption or make your own burgers at home; at least you’ll know what you put in them.

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