Fat Body Ice Sculpting: Cryolipolysis

Ice Woman I tend to divide dieters in two categories: the average wage active dieters, who constantly work out, sweat, and feel confident and sexy about their looks and ‘emergency only’ dieters- rich couch potatoes, always discouraged, who love expensive royal treatments without any physical effort at all.

For the second category of dieters, liposuction is already an overrated, risky and painful experience. Experts and already addicted clients talk about recommend this new trend in cosmetic procedure called Cryolipolysis.

If you do not understand how this works, imagine your body is a shapeless block of ice. You call a plastic surgeon, get an appointment and make yourself comfortable in this own office, while he prepares to artistically peel off the fat off your shoulder.

Dieters who already experienced it described the procedure as being painless and non-invasive. This procedure is most popular among ladies desperately seeking to get rid of the annoying ‘muffin top’.

The good news is that there is no incision, no anesthesia, no sedation, no blood and anyone can try it. You lay back for a couple of minutes while a small area of your fat tissue is being sucked. The cosmetic devices are applied cold, removing heat from your tissues. Minutes afterwards, you can go home and get over with your life, normally, as if you did not froze your fat off!

According to experts, this cool body sculpting is not suitable for large amounts of weight loss. It only affects the fat stored directly beneath your skin. They claim this revolutionary technique can freeze up to 1.5 inches around the waistline or whatever body part you would like.

The bad news is that severe reactions can include scarring and even hemorrhage. Also, this is not a cheap procedure. It costs around $1000. Still, compared to the liposuction price, it is cheap.

Now, here is my free and painless advice: forget about weird effortless cosmetic procedures. Their effects do not last forever and you will be back to your former self.

Find what your “Kryptonite” food and banish it from your life, for good! Stop feeling powerless and weak! Every one of us has a Super Woman hidden inside us!

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