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Woman sportsThere is certainly a great deal of things differentiating women from men.

Among others, it seems that the way you workout should also be slightly different from that of you husband, boyfriend or other male friends you have.

For instance, women do want toned arms, but they usually do not enjoy acquiring manlike biceps.

Women want flat bellies, but not 6 packs.

So, what women really need is a workout especially designed for them, not for men and then adapted to the female body.

Here are a few facts which separate women’s workout from men’s:

  • avoid having mood swings which are specific to women by working out – cardio exercises will help you relieve yourself not only from such mood swings, but also from stress. Depression is kept away by regular exercises – meaning 30 minutes each day. In fact, a study showed that such fitness routines lead to better lives, with less stress and worries.
  • avoid getting on the perfectionist side – specialists say that women tend to count each exercise they are doing, and they also establish a certain figure which should be reached. In case this does not happen, they consider their workout has failed. Nevertheless, you should not do this: you should analyze your routine and not be so hard on yourself – the workout may be successful even if the number you’ve set was not reached.
  • women are also better at stretching than men, however, don’t exaggerate with this, as too much stretching may result in joint injury and pain. Alternate stretching with resistance training and take care of your joints.
  • women also tend to work more on their bellies, thighs, buttocks and legs; the problem is that this leaves the neck, back, arms and shoulders at a standstill. Consequently, make sure you include exercises in your fitness routine that work your upper body.
  • women should aim at building bone after the age of 30. This is difficult, due to gradual degradation in this case. However, studies have shown that jumping exercises can improve hip health and lower body bone in general.

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