Green Spinach Smoothie

Spinach smoothieI love eating vegetables and I usually have a serving of greens each day.

But I have never tried a green smoothie before.

I hear all over the place that these shakes are extremely healthy, prevent many diseases and help people in their fight against extra pounds.

So, I decided it was time to find a great recipe that will help me too. Here is the recipe I think is going to satisfy my curiosity and which I think is going to taste great too:


  • Obviously, spinach. The quantity depends on how ‘green’ you want your smoothie to be. For the first time you should try it with 2 cups of spinach. You can add more the next time if you like the taste.
  • Almond milk. This is the liquid part of the drink. You will need more than a half of cup of the unsweetened version.
  • Half a banana. If you do not like bananas try other fruits like berries for their antioxidants. You could also add pineapple or other fruits that you like. If they are too juicy reduce the quantity of almond milk.
  • The secret ingredient: peanut butter. It brings more energy to the smoothie and it makes it taste deliciously. Two tablespoons are enough.
  • If you want a protein smoothie you can add protein powder to the mix. However, choose the low calorie one if you are looking to lose weight.
  • Ice

Mix all the ingredients in a blender until they get a liquid consistency.

This spinach smoothie is supposed to give you plenty of energy if you drink it in the morning. With all the ingredients I think it can keep you full until lunch.

Moreover, many nutritionists recommend the spinach smoothie instead of vitamin supplements because of all the properties of the spinach and of the other ingredients. If you simply do not like spinach, you can change the recipe and replace it with other greens like for example lettuce.

Bon appetite!

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