Health Benefits For Broccoli

BroccoliThink of your daily diet as a colored puzzle.

Let’s stop at green for now.

Let’s stop at broccoli.

To be honest, I have discovered broccoli only a few years ago but, since then it has become a constant presence in my diet. Why?

Let’s take a look some reasons why broccoli is great for your health.


Broccoli is a powerful antioxidant due to the amount of vitamin C, vitamin very efficient and commonly used in cold relief and not only. Other important elements that contribute to defense processes are selenium, zinc and also beta-carotene.

Resistance to diseases

The consumption of broccoli increases the levels of vitamin K and calcium that help in preventing and fighting osteoporosis while the high level of potassium boosts your brain functions.

Broccoli builds a defense mechanism against gastric cancer through glucorafanin used by the body for processing the compound called sulforaphane. The growth of cancer cells is inhibited by the presence of indole-3-carbinols and of anti-carcinogen. Also, these elements keep the health of your liver.

This green vegetable increases body’s resistance to heart diseases, by reducing the risk of stroke or heart attack. Other diseases that can be prevented with the help of broccoli are diabetes, colon and stomach cancer, Alzheimer and lung cancer. Medical studies revealed that broccoli is one of the strongest aids in preventing this awful illness.

Weight control

Broccoli will do miracles for your digestive tract, especially in cases of constipation. A good portion of broccoli contains all the fiber and the protein that your body needs. It is recommended in diets also because it regulates the levels of insulin and sugar in the blood.

As for cooking tips (now that you know how healthy it is) I would recommend to add raw broccoli to your salad. This way you’ll keep it crunchy and you can benefit from all its vitamins and minerals.

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