Healthy Icy Summer Treats

Watermelon granitaIt is summer and we need to fight the heat in one way or another.

Summer is the season of smoothies, fresh juices, granitas, ice-cream and so on.

In the same time, we look for something that is also healthy and tasty and easy to prepare.

Given all these facts, the question is: what treats we can afford so that our silhouette doesn’t suffer? To have low calories and to be tasty, to be refreshing and nutritious…this is how the perfect summer treats can be described. Let’s take a look at these two recipes: they seem to match the pattern!

Homemade fruity icicles

In order to prepare this recipe the following ingredients are required: 100 ml of water, about 200 ml of lemon/orange/strawberry fresh juice, a couple of teaspoons of honey.

Begin with preparing a syrup: put the water to boil and then add the honey. Leave for one minute and then turn of the fire. In the meantime, wash the fruits (chosen according to your personal preferences) and blend or squeeze them, according to the type of fruit used. Mix the cold syrup with the fruit purée/juice.

All there is left to do is fill the forms with the creamy composition obtained and leave them in the freezer for at least a couple of hours. Of course, the quantities can be changed according to your own ideas.

Watermelon granita

This is the simplest recipe you could think of on a hot summer afternoon. You need the following: around 1 kilo of watermelon, some honey, two teaspoons of lemon juice and a blender.

The next step is quite easy: put these ingredients in a blender and push the button ON! The consistence of the composition should be smooth but not creamy.

Your watermelon granite should be put in the freezer for 30 minutes then taken out and blended a little bit more. After 30 minutes, repeat the procedure. The idea is to break the ice crystals and give it a smooth icy consistency.

As you notice, you have the  recipes, ingredients are easy to find…what else you need? time, willingness and maybe an umbrella on a sunny beach? Maybe…if not, they taste great also from the sofa of your living room!

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