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Healthy pita turkey sandwichEating something delicious doesn’t always mean eating unhealthy food.

You can still enjoy delicious recipes, all you have to do are some adjustments.

We offer recipes that are easy to do, light and delicious. Enjoy!

Cold turkey rolls

Since Thanksgiving just passed, you sure have some turkey leftovers, so I suggest you to try some cold turkey rolls. They are ideal as a meal after a workout such as aerobic or TaeBo. If you have leftovers from the turkey roast but you are just bored of the classical recipe, here we have the perfect way to create something new and tasty.

You need a big pita bread, roast turkey, lettuce, green onions, red pepper and lemon juice. Separate each half of the bread in two parts.

For the filling chop finely the turkey and heat it in a pan with some water. Chop some lettuce, green onions and red pepper into thin slices, and season with pepper, oregano and lemon juice. Mix vegetables with a link of freshly chopped parsley and a few cherry tomatoes cut quarters.

Sprinkle each piece of pita bread with the turkey meat, then add the vegetables. Run the bread, catch it with some toothpicks and place it on a platter. Serve it with a home-made sauce made of two tablespoons of yogurt, a tablespoon of Dijon mustard and two drops of olive oil. Serve.

Smoked salmon sandwich

When it comes to a snack, I love the combination of smoked salmon and fresh cheese. So I choose a perfect smoked salmon sandwich. You need a whole grain bread, smoked salmon,cream cheese,onion,capers and dill. Toast the bread slices, spread cream cheese and sprinkle each side with finely chopped fresh dill. Add capers, onions and then cover it with a layer of smoked salmon. Serve.

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