How To Recognize Fad And Bogus Diets

Food or pillsIf you are interested in weight loss then you probably inform yourself on various facts about nutrition, programs that you should follow in order to keep in shape and the latest discoveries in this domain.

But what happens when you come across „miracle diets” that promise to help you lose weight in a record time with little or no effort?

Weight loss guides and clinics can be found almost everywhere.

However, many of them do not rely on effective programs and they usually aim to increase profits by leading people into thinking that weight loss is actually possible overnight.

Losing weight correctly can be difficult sometimes since regular visits to a dietitian are required as well as a strong will to keep a close eye on what you eat for the rest of your life.

So, brace yourself against fake advertisements because their single purpose is to make you spend some money without any real benefit. Below you will find the most common lines that advertisers use to promote various scams.

1. Eat all you want and lose weight- nothing could be more false than such a promise. To lose weight you will have to monitor closely everything you eat and pick only foods that burn fats instead of building them.

2. Only diet, no need for any exercise- placed on any diet guide, this message guarantees instant sales. The fact is that we like to trick ourselves into believing that we can get a perfect body without working at all. So, we are willing to give a shot with the programs that promise to help us lose weight with no effort.

3. Reduce fat instantly with these pills - pills that facilitate weight loss instantly are very popular. In general, the rule is to take one every day before you start to eat. Then you can eat anything you want. However, the side-effects of such pills can prove really harmful. Once you start to lose weight heavily, you also risk to eliminate essential fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin E from your body.

4. Testimonials are so convincing- such a slogan is usually accompanied by „before” and „after” pictures. The person in the „before” picture looks slouchy and haggard. But the „after” picture is absolutely magnificent. The same person is smiling, stands straight and looks very content. However, such photos are misguiding because they can be altered with the help of special programs such as Photoshop.

5. Try our product and get your money back if you are not satisfied – advertisements that make use of such messages aim to determine customers let their guard down and purchase the product without having second thoughts. But, take some time and think. Will your money really be reimbursed if the product or diet plan does not work? In the best case, you could get on the phone with a call center person who will tell you that you probably misinterpreted the acquisition procedures.

In short, we need to be aware that marketing strategies have evolved nowadays and that manufacturers will do whatever it takes to make us buy the weight loss products they sell. However, one needs to keep in mind that effective loss of weight cannot happen in the absence of hard work and determination.

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