How To Use And Preserve Olive Oil

Olive oil bottleWe all know the health benefits associated with the consumption of olive oil.

As I prefer to use this type of oil, I was curious to find out the best advice when it comes to cooking with olive oil and preserving it in proper conditions.

It seems that olive oil is indeed sensitive from the point of view of the heating temperature and storing conditions. Let’s see why.

Firstly, although it is said that cooking with olive oil reduces the nutritional value of the food, this fact is not true. Of course, any heated food losses its nutritional value, but in case of olive oil we have to take into consideration the smoke point.

The  smoke point of olive oil

The  smoke point refers to the temperature at which a cooking fat or oil begins to break down. Olive oil is dense so is heated more slowly, thus the smoke point of extra virgin oil is 375°F (191°C).

When the heating temperature is too high (over the smoke point), you might find yourself fumigating the whole house. So careful when heating it! In any case, olive oil is good with a lot of dishes like salads, pasta, baking bread or sweets, marinating meat, fish or vegetables and many more.

How to store olive oil

Another thing to remember is storing. Olive oil must be kept the  in a room-temperature cupboard, away from light, air and heat and used within six months since opening . This is important because when olive oil is exposed to air, light or heat it becomes subject to oxidation and may become rancid.

If you don’t use your olive oil, you can refrigerated it. This is a great way of preserving it without harming it. Another good way to prevent deterioration, it to keep the olive oil in stainless steel containers. For daily use, you can preserve it in sealed bottles (preferably glass ones).

Preserving the olive oil fresh and knowing how to cook it, may help you enjoy that olive flavor that we all love.

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