Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle

I am always on the look for new gadgets that can help me stay healthy or in my fight against extra pounds.

Many of them are indeed useless or just something I don’t necessarily need, but some are really helpful.

So, when I first heard about the Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle I thought this was just another gadget that was a waste of money.

However, when I saw the price and read about it I changed my mind at least partially. First of all, the price is quite good for an intelligent bottle. It costs around $25 which seems quite reasonable for me.

How is it different from regular bottles that have a measuring system?

  • The main difference is that the Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle has an integrated system that makes it ‘think’ what is best for you.
  • It calculates how much water you need to drink. This is done by taking into account necessary information, like your weight which is a variable that you might not even consider when you decide how much water you have to drink.
  • It actually tracks down how much you drink during a day. Once you start the 24 hour program there is no going back. It remembers and tracks down every sip you take. This can be very good when you tend to forget about hydrating your body during a busy day.
  • It can help you compete…against yourself. I mean, that you should set your goal at drinking 100% of the quantity of water recommended. So, if today you only drank 70% you can try more the next day.
  • It is quite easy to use. It has a battery which lasts quite long and starting the program is very easy to do. The bottle is easy to refill.
  • Other pluses: the noise alert when you’re approaching your goal, night time illuminated display, more than one Mode.

Overall, my opinion on this new gadget is a positive one and I would consider purchasing the Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle if I were the type of person that keeps forgetting about hydration.

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