Making Steaks Healthy

Steak and tomatoesAs I’ve told you before, I generally don’t eat meat.

However, I don’t have issued with people who do, nor do I try to convince them that they should give up this food.

In fact, I must admit that meat should be part of most people’s diets.

Nevertheless, it is true that most people cook and eat meat in the wrong way.

And that definitely leads to undesirable effects, such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer. So, what we really need to know is how to healthily cook and eat a nice piece of steak.

Portion size

First of all, one of the secrets of healthy eating meat is size. Try to stick to small portions – about three ounces per serving. If you feel that this is too little and you can’t feel satiated after eating it, there are several solutions:

  • eating steak together with a big salad: in fact, this is about as healthy as a steak can get; vegetables reduce the negative effect cooked meat has on our body, which causes cancer. On the other hand, don’t eat potatoes together with your steak – it only adds to the negative effect. Instead, mustard and broccoli are the best at helping you stay healthy.
  • stew your meat: stews are great because you can also add as many vegetables as possible. Keep meat at its minimum quantity and eat it with whole grain bread.

Cooking methods

If you insist in eating meat fried or roasted, choose healthy oils. A good choice is extra virgin olive oil, or non-hydrogenated ones. At the same time, if you love grilled meat, take care as well. You need to extra careful about what kind of fuel you use for igniting the grill. Wood is the best, avoid charcoal and gasoline.

One of the mistakes I used to make was thinking that cooking meat in the oven is always healthy. That is true as long as you keep the oven temperature to about 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher temperatures have the same effects on meat as frying it or roasting it – they lead to the development of cancer-friendly substances.

One last piece of advice: marinating meat before cooking it makes it both healthier and tastier. But I will talk to you more about this soon.

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