Marinating Tips

MarinadeI was mentioning the other day that marinating your meat before cooking and eating it has positive effects.

These refer both in terms of taste and health.

First of all, they make the meat much tender and flavored.

Secondly, marinating reduces the formation of heterocyclic amines, mutant substances which increase the risk of cancer when meat is cooked – fried, grilled or roasted. Here are the top meat marinades:

1. Rosemary

Wiping-up a rosemary marinade is quite easy. Just combine it with olive oil, pepper and balsamic vinegar. The effects? First of all, rosemary fights against cancer, especially breast cancer. At the same time, it seems that you can successfully use it as a detoxifying agent, as it helps your liver eliminate unwanted substances from your system.

2. Garlic

This is one of the easiest ways to marinate your steak: use a few garlic cloves, grind them and put them together with the meat inside a plastic bag. Keep it in the fridge overnight. When it’s time to cook it, you simply remove the garlic paste. In this way, you avoid the smell and you enjoy its wonderful effects, among which are the anti-cancer and the cardiac benefit.

3. Beer

This is definitely a marinade you should not miss. Keeping meat overnight in beer and choosing frying it afterwards lessens the possibility of cancer. The study thereto was carried out by the University of Porto and concluded that marinating meat for six hours in beer reduces the negative effects of frying. A common beer marinade also includes lime juice and cilantro.

4. Horseradish

If you prefer more spicy recipes, you will love horseradish marinades. The primary effect is that your sinuses will definitely be cleared. At the same time, this vegetable prevents infections settling within our bodies.
Of course, you can always resort to much more exotic marinades, composed of oranges or papaya. The possibilities are endless.

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