More True or False Facts

More True or FalseI noticed that people found my True or False post from a few weeks ago to be useful and some of the comments even asked for a part 2 :) . So here it is Part 2, split into 2 categories.

False facts:

  • Grapefruit burns body fatGrapefruit is a great fruit, with 39 calories and 0 g fat for 1/2 fruit, but it does not burn fat. No such food has yet been discovered.
  • All tuna cans have the same calories – Tuna canned in water has up to 160 fewer calories per serving than the oil-packed variety.
  • Bananas are fattening – Let’s take 1 medium apple with 72 calories, 1 medium orange with 62 calories and 1 medium banana with 100 calories. Now tell me how fat can a banana make you?
  • Using “non-dairy” cream substitutes or dessert toppings saves calories – Non-dairy creams have more calories than milk, because most of them have coconut oil in their composition, which has the highest saturated fat content of any vegetable oil.
  • Your stomach shrinks as you diet – You can change your stomach size only surgically. When you diet successfully, you get used to feel satisfied with less food, but your stomach stays the same.
  • There are foods with “negative calories” because of the energy needed to chew and digest them - A calorie is a calorie, no matter what. A person burns 0.3 additional calories/minute while eating. You would have to chew a celery stalk (5 calories) for 17 minutes to have no caloric value, but maybe you have better things to do.
  • All fish is low in calories - Salmon for example has 200 calories/3 oz (100 g), but the Code has only 90 calories, so not all fish is the same. The darker the flesh, the higher the fat content and the more the calories.
  • “Sugar-free” foods have always fewer calories than the regular ones – Sugar is not the only sweetener with calories. Producers can make the foods with other kinds of sweeteners that have about as many calories as sugar: corn syrup, molasses and fructose are all high-caloric substitutes. Next time you buy something that says “no sugar” compare the calorie count with a similar product made with sugar.
  • Dry cheese has fewer calories – About 75 % of the calories are from fat and only 25 % are protein.

True facts

  • Dry-roasted peanuts have nearly the same amount of calories as peanuts cooked-in oil.
  • You can lose weight only if you use plain low-fat yogurt instead of cream – You can save about 300-400 calories/salad and if you eat 1 salad per day, you can lose about 1 pound (0.5 kg) per week. :D
  • Honey has more calories than sugar – With 61 calories per honey tablespoon and a 46 calories a sugar tablespoon you do the math!
  • Smaller turkeys and chickens are leaner than larger ones – The birds body fat “works” the same as for humans, so yes, the smaller, the leanest.
  • Beer will make you fat – 30 ounces of bear (1 l) have 470 calories. That’s more then one-third of a dieter’s daily calorie intake.
  • A hamburger is better than a hot-dog – A hot-dog roll has 108 calories and a hamburger bun, 89. A regular hot dog has 124 calories and a small burger has 140. If you choose the hamburger you get more meat, fewer nitrites and about the same calories.

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