The Importance Of Varying Your Exercises

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Gym fitnessEven if you exercise at a gym or by yourself, indoors or outdoors, you should know that one of the keys to losing weight and to better work out those muscles is to vary your routine.

Referring to working out, variation means not letting your body get too used to some exercises; this implies varying the intensity, changing the style of your exercises and the muscular group you target, or changing the order in which you exercise your muscles.

Faster results

By varying those exercises, you’ll be able to avoid reaching the point in which you don’t see results. Let’s imagine that you really enjoy going to a certain class at the gym and you keep on going, till you know the exercises (more…)

Reasons Why Light Or Diet Food May Be Harmful To Your Body

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Dr Pepper diet canI’m sure that everyone has chosen a light product instead of a regular one at least once in their lives, thinking about their diets, calories and how it would help them lose weight.

I’m not sure if this comes as a surprise for you, but the so-called “light” or “diet” food won’t help your waist get any smaller and, worse, it’s not good for your health. This is why.


It’s well known that excess fat is harmful, but remember that there is good fat and bad fat. By eliminating all the fat from your diet, you may exclude essential fats, such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, which have a role in absorbing (more…)

Benefits Of Water Exercises

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Water fitnessAs the winter cold approaches, many of us abandon our outside exercise program and try to find some inside activity to keep us fit.

The type of activity I like in this time of year is swimming.

As I found out, water exercise in general is a good way to stay healthy, both from a physiological and a psychological point of view.

Physical benefits

I know it is more difficult to lift or move your legs or arms in the water, but because of this you build more muscle. This means higher metabolism and a healthier body. Moreover, you can burn between 400 and 500 (more…)

Reasons to Start Eating Avocado

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Avocado fruitFor some, the avocado falls in the same category with the broccoli or with Brussels sprouts: you know it’s good for your health, but you keep avoiding it.

If you think you’re not such a big fan of avocado, keep in mind that there are hundreds of recipes that include it (eventually you’ll find one that seems yummy) and that the health benefits simply can’t be ignored.

What’s keeping some of us from eating avocado is the high count of calories, around 200 per 100 grams of fruit. Big deal!

No one says you have to eat an entire avocado a day, but keep in mind that a single avocado contains half the quantity of fibers that you should (more…)

Eating Fruits Makes You Happy!

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Fresh fruitsEverybody knows (or, at least, everybody should know) that fruits and vegetables are essential in designing a healthy menu.

Doctors say that, nutritionists say that and studies confirm their conclusions.

A clinical study has recently revealed that eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis makes us happy! So, their amazing effects will be felt at a neurological level also.

According to the trials conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research, it was found that the more fruits and vegetables one eats the happier one feels. At the study approximately 80,000 (more…)

Long-Term Weight-Maintenance Skills After A Weight-Loss

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Weight scale The first time I embarked on a diet, I said: “ OK, this is going to easy and its going to help me lose weight.”

But, as I found out later, focusing on the outcome and the rapid desire to lose weight resulted in regaining my initial weight after one year.

I guess, this has happened to many successful dieters.

Researching in this area, I have found recent studies that suggest good ways of maintaining your weight after dieting, indications that I will share with you.

Master weight-maintenance skills

A recent study for the Stanford University School of Medicine shows that women who mastered weight-maintenance skills before starting a (more…)

All You Need To Know About Dietary Fibers

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Farm market fruitsAlthough everyone has heard that we should have a diet containing an important amount of fibers because they are good for our health, not many of us know exactly what fibers are and what is their beneficial role in people’s health.

What are dietary fibers?

To start with a definition, dietary fibers are carbohydrates found in fruits, vegetables and cereals, which the body can’t process. There are different types of fibers, depending on their origin or on their ability to be diluted in water, but what is more important to know is the impact they have (more…)

Pampering Your Skin While Working Out

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LipglossSo you are working out your body.

Be careful not to neglect your skin!

Here are a few pieces of advice regarding what you should do before, during and after the workout.

Before the workout

Ladies, I know you want to look and feel beautiful even at the gym, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should put on foundation. You are beautiful without it too and, most importantly, your skin will be healthier, because it can breathe.

During the workout your pores open and you sweat, but by applying foundation, the pores and the sweat will clog underneath and will (more…)

Why To Avoid Crusty Foods If You Have Diabetes

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Crusty meatUnhealthy lifestyle and poor nutrition has a direct and well-known health consequence: diabetes.

And probably, many of us are familiar with this condition.

We might know that besides its medical treatment, people who suffer from diabetes have to undertake specific diets.

One of its requirements is not frying your food, but instead you have to bake, boil, or grill your food. But this task may prove difficult, as most food is more tasty if fried and crusty. Well, we might reconsider this, as a new study shows.

What is the relationship between diabetes, crusty food and cardiovascular complications?

A study conducted by the University of Illinois has demonstrated that people with diabetes have a high risk for cardiovascular disease and (more…)

Discover Noni Health Benefits!

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Noni fruit

When we talk about diets and losing weight, about healthy living in general, each may bring a new idea, a new possibility to consider.

That is why today I want to make you a simple proposal: let’s discover together the health benefits of noni, or to be more precise, noni juice!

Also known as Morinda citrifolia, noni is a tree found on many islands from the Pacific.

The plant, which grows naturally, has been used for hundreds of years by the local population in treating different affections.

In the last years, noni juice has become very popular, especially in the United States and was later on imported in Europe as well. From the first clinical studies it turns out that noni juice has many health benefits (more…)

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