The Connection Between Our Diet And The Health Of Our Brain

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Vegetal brainThe health of our brain depends of two factors: our lifestyle and our genetic inheritance.

If you think that your diet doesn’t have much to do with the well functioning of your brain, you are wrong.

Processed and semi-prepared foods can have serious side-effects on the brain.

Did you know that fast foods trigger in the brain the same pleasure as drugs? This may be the reason why we are so happy when we consume them and why we tend to be addicted on certain foods. Therefore, this means that we can improve the health of our brain, by following the following three rules:

Healthy eating plan

Include in your daily diet the following products, which are known (more…)

Low-Fat Foods Can Actually Make You Fat

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Low-fat yogurtIf you are on a diet and you have to choose between a product full of fats and a non-fat product, you will probably  choose the one with no fats thinking this will help you gain weight, right?

Well, you are about to make a mistake.

Low-fat and fat-free doesn’t always mean healthier.

In many foods, fat is replaced by sugar, therefore as many calories as in a normal product!

Three recent studies done by the Food and Brand Lab have shown that just writing low-fats on snack foods labels encourage people to eat up (more…)

The Risks Of Weight-Loss Pills

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Green weight loss pillsAt the first sight, weight-loss pills seem the ideal solution to reach in a short time the perfect body shape you always dreamed to have.

We all know the saying “it’s too good to be true”.

Unfortunately, this saying applies when we are talking about weight loss pills too.

Many people see slimming pills as the chance to have a beautiful body without going to the gym or dealing with restrictive diets.

Usually, if the weight-loss pills are taken only at the doctor’s guidance and under the his strict surveillance, side effects should be minimal. However, the problems appear when these pills are taken without any medical (more…)

Working Out While On Vacation

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Travel kitSo you have worked and worked on your bikini body for months and now you are finally on that perfect sun, sand and sea vacation with your significant other, best friends or family.

But with all the sleeping-in, the rich food and the rest and relaxation you have wanted for so long, you’re already starting to see a little bloating, and jiggle where there shouldn’t be.

While no one really wants to hit the gym during their dream vacation, whether at a romantic ski lodge, a cabin in the woods, or on a deserted tropical island, it’s still important to find some way to maintain your fitness regimen, even when you’re on vacation.

Fortunately, even if you are determined to not have an active vacation (more…)

Breaking Your Diet Habit

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Green beanThis will blow your mind.

Diets do not work!

Yes, yes, okay okay, a good diet that you stick to, should help you lose a considerable amount of weight in a relatively short period of time.

But no one really wants to live their entire lives on a diet.

This is why I say they do not work, simply because they are not valid long-term life choices.

Let’s face it, do you want to give up on all bread, sweets, sugar, dairy, fat, or whatever your diet calls for you to restrict, for the rest of your life? Probably not.

Diets are great short-term life choices, and you may even successfully (more…)

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Ginger

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Ginger rootI want to start with a confession: until I had my first cup of ginger tea, I didn’t know anything about this herb.

After my first sip from that lemon-like spicy tea I understood that this is not an ordinary herb and it hides many secrets behind the deformed appearance.

Reading more on the subject, I discovered that ginger has many health benefits it’s good to know about.

How can the Asian aromatic rhizome help us?

Strange, deformed and with a sweet yet bitter yet spicy taste, ginger is (more…)

Eat Healthy And Save Money

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Euro chocolate coinAccording to many people, eating healthy implicitly means higher expenses.

Apparently, it’s a popular myth in the urban folklore.

Well, after serious calculations and a couple of shopping experiences, I have reached a simple conclusion: a healthy diet is a cheap diet.

Let’s see how that is possible and what tips you should keep in mind.

Smart and Healthy Planning of Your Weekly Budget!

The secret of your success resides in your attention and imagination of choosing and combining groceries. If you lack inspiration, take a look at the following list of suggestions:

  • Replace red meat with fish or chicken – not only they are healthier but they cost less, allowing you to instantly save some money. As for (more…)

Why Eat A Kiwi Every Day?

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Kiwi slice macroWhen it comes to superfoods, there is always a fruit or a vegetable left behind.

Take, for example, kiwi…how many of you know just how amazing this fruit is?

Well, if you haven’t found out yet, it would be a good idea to read the following few lines.

The super kiwi- green and healthy!

Known as the sunny peach or the Chinese gooseberry, kiwi is commonly known for its health benefits. Packed with nutrients, the kiwi fruit has been scientifically confirmed as being a top fruit with many positive effects on your health.

Here is why you should definitely include it in your daily menu:

HAPIfork – The Fork That Helps You Stay In Shape!

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HAPIforkLosing weight relates more and more with all sorts of innovative devices that help us monitor and control all our diet.

One of the nicest, funniest inventions to support our correct eating is the amazing HAPIfork.

Revealed at the CES Unveiled 2013, this electronic fork has been designed to slow down your eating.

What you cannot control, technology does!

Any nutritionist will tell you that it is important to eat slowly otherwise we risk not only to experience poor digestion but also to gain some pounds. It (more…)

Natural Remedies To Fight Dark Circles Under The Eyes

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Periorbital dark circlesBe honest: how many types you wake up with annoying, unpleasant dark circles under your eyes?

I personally have experienced such dark circles and I have to admit that they are not at all nice!

In consequence, I took some time to learn how to cure them at home without expensive, complicated treatments.

Causes and natural tips to prevent and to cure them

The skin area around our eyes is extremely sensitive. Basically, it reflects stress, health conditions, lifestyle and aging. It’s like the mirror that shows only what goes wrong. In many cases it’s due to various health affections (more…)

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