Microwave Meals: Good or Bad?

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Microwave Oven

You know those moments, when you just get home, you’re tired and hungry and the best option seems to be throwing something in the microwave oven and have it ready in 5 minutes.

Well, we all sense that this might not be the healthiest choice, but we prefer not to think about it.

But what is the truth?

The first thing you need to consider is that the ready-made meals which come in packages and take just a few minutes for baking are generally not healthy. If you just have a quick look at the label you will be convinced (more…)

3 Easy Healthy Habits

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Girl smilingLet me begin by saying this is not a complete guide to lose weight, it is rather to show you three simple methods to burn some calories without too much effort.

1. Laugh away your calories

Go ahead, dig out your funniest DVD and laugh as loud as you can! It might help you lose weight.

Vanderbilt University researchers put 45 pairs of friends in a special chamber that measured energy output, then showed them clips from comedy (more…)

The Blood Type Diet

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Blood type diet ‘Eat right for your type‘ is the motto of this diet, created by Dr. Peter D’Adamo.

I must say I’ve always been quite skeptical about this diet but after doing a little bit of research I changed my mind at least partially.

Although he was criticized by many doctors and nutritionists because he doesn’t have enough scientific support to prove his theory, I must say that I have been quite intrigued by it and, like many others, I believe that his arguments might be partially realistic.

The key of this diet is the genetic heritage, which is known to influence our overall health, especially the illnesses we might suffer from. Since we (more…)

The Truth About Weight Loss And Sauna

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Sauna roomAn important part of any diet or weight loss program is detoxifying your organism.

This can be done in several ways – one of them being the sauna.

I’ve tried several times, but I cannot say I’m completely convinced about the benefits it brings, at least in that which weight loss wonders.

So, I’ve tried to find out more. At a first glance, it appears that sauna may help you lose a few pounds.

This might be too good to be true: you just sit in a little, very hot room and you lose weight! As good as that may sound, it is not entirely accurate. Sweating in the sauna may help you take a few pounds down due to (more…)

The Jenny Craig Diet

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Jenny Craig
U.S. News has published not long ago a ranking of the best diets which should be used for losing weight.

The Jenny Craig diet came in second, outranked only by Weight Watchers.

What is this diet all about?

Well, from what I’ve found out, it’s more of a program than a diet, just like Weight Watchers.

More than that, it’s a program with tradition, as it dates back to 1983 in Australia. It focuses on the following:

Eating prepackaged meals

Most of the meals recommended by the Jenny Craig diet are frozen (more…)

How to Deal With The Guilt?

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Chocolate faceFrom time to time I indulge myself with something sweet, with a slice of pizza or something I know is not really healthy for my diet.

I feel great and my taste buds are simply delighted.

What follows next is not something I am really proud of.

I feel guilty even though I know it is only natural to crave for something delicious with more calories than my regular foods.

This made me wonder how I can deal with the guilt and turn it into something productive. Here are some of the techniques I came up with:

1. Stop before it becomes too much.

I think that I would feel better if I did this only from time to time. If I (more…)

Fitness For Her

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Woman sportsThere is certainly a great deal of things differentiating women from men.

Among others, it seems that the way you workout should also be slightly different from that of you husband, boyfriend or other male friends you have.

For instance, women do want toned arms, but they usually do not enjoy acquiring manlike biceps.

Women want flat bellies, but not 6 packs.

So, what women really need is a workout especially designed for them, not for men and then adapted to the female body.

Here are a few facts which separate women’s workout from men’s:

  • avoid having mood swings which are specific to women by working (more…)

Healthy Ice Cream Alternatives

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Lupinesse icecreamSummer’s not over yet, and I’m sure you’re still eating ice cream as often as you can.

Although it’s one of the most desirable desserts and one which doesn’t have as many calories as others, ice cream cannot be enjoyed by some of us.

Here are some alternatives:

1. Lupinesse

If you’re lactose-intolerant or you rather didn’t add up to your cholesterol level, you can still enjoy a bowl of ice cream during hot summer days.

Researchers from Fraunhofer, the largest research organization in (more…)

Why We Need to Lose Abdominal Fat

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BellyWe are all aware by now that abdominal fat is not only unaesthetic and makes us feel uneasy, but it’s has tremendous effects on our health.

Abdominal fat is the cause of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cholesterol.

Moreover, increased quantities of abdominal fat lead to certain types of cancer, atherosclerosis and high blood pressure.

A study performed by Mayo Clinic researchers also showed that fat accumulated on the abdomen increases the risk of metabolic disease, while fat stored on thighs seems to lower such risk. This is caused by the fact (more…)

More Summer Exercise Ideas

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Swimming poolFall is right around the corner, but there are still a few summer days to be enjoyed.

So, make the best of them by trying (at least) one of the following:

Synchronized swimming

This type of swimming requires your training with at least one other person. Although you might think that performing this sport means you need to perform complicated moves, you can still enjoy it by starting with the (more…)

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