5 Easy Steps For A Healthy Salad

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Vegetarian saladSalads have always been considered a healthy dish and a much better option than any type of fast food.

Many people think it’s good to eat a salad, no matter what you put in it.

However, even a salad can have more calories than a hamburger with French fries, especially when you’re having it at the restaurant.

You never know exactly what it contains, how many calories and saturated fat it has.

The calories are usually added by the dressings that can turn a (more…)

Water Walking

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Woman in poolIt’s getting somewhat uncomfortable to exercise outdoors these days – unless you’re able to do this early in the morning, the temperatures go too high up afterwards.

So, what can we do?

One alternative is going to the pool and cool off.

Nevertheless, as long as you’re there, why not try some water walking? We’ve talked about it before, and I’m coming back with details, as you can have a great workout during hot summer days at the pool by walking.

What you need to do is find that area of the pool where your feet (more…)

The Bread For Life Diet

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I usually avoid eating bread and I indulge myself with a slice or two only from time to time.

I am perfectly aware of the fact that it isn’t wise to eliminate an aliment from my diet for good.

As long as there is moderation any type of food is good.

But how would you like it to have bread on a daily basis, I mean lots of bread and still lose weight?

Well, apparently it is possible.

I came across a new diet called The Bread for Life Diet, created by (more…)

Healthy Green Beans Salad

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Green beans
Remember the 25 most wanted vegetables that should never miss from your diet?

Green beans were among them.

People usually think that all types of beans have the same number of calories.

So did I and always tried to avoid having them because they were too fattening.

Well, not the green ones. Besides being extremely healthy and delicious they have only 43 calories per cup and 0 grams of fat!

Don’t imagine that because they have very few calories they have no (more…)

Romaine Lettuce Salad With Tzatziki Dressing

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Green lettuceI love eating salads especially during summer time when cooking something else seems such a burden.

It’s a light dish, recommended by most diets, it’s very healthy because of all the vitamins and nutrients you can get from it and it can be very delicious if you know how to ‘cook’ it.

In fact, it’s not a big philosophy to make a salad because you can add to it any type of vegetable you want.

I personally like the one where the main ingredient is the romaine lettuce not only because of its taste but also because it is a guarantee for a (more…)

The Five Factor Diet

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The five factors diet

Girls, there’s a new diet in town!

Well, not that new, or at least not for Hollywood stars, who have been using it for a few years now to shed off the extra pounds and look fabulous.

Its creator, Harley Pasternak was the nutrition and fitness adviser for celebrities like Alicia Keys, Kanye West or Jessica Simpson and many others.

Five seems to be the number for this diet. It stands for the number of principles behind this recipe for success:

  1. We are allowed to have five meals a day. This is good because (more…)

P90X Nutrition Plan

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GymMany diets include only advice concerning what to eat and what to eliminate from your diet.

Most of them do not even mention working out.

Well, this is not the case for the P90X Nutrition Plan.

Even if it is a nutrition plan, its main focus is on working out.

Duration: this program is designed to last for 13 weeks and has three phases.

Aim: it assists dieters not only in their fight against extra pounds but (more…)

Five Fat Burning Foods

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Green applesFat burns fat.

As strange as it sounds it is real.

We’ve already talked about this in a previous article when we concluded that there are some fats and oils that simply increase the fat burning process.

But there are other aliments that if consumed in the right amount are likely to speed up your fat burning process and help you lose weight in a healthy way.

I am not talking about wonder pills made from natural plants that promise (more…)

Facts About Body Image

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Girl in the mirrorI’ve often wondered exactly how important is for me the way I look.

Of course, I think that a beautiful figure is a sign of health, meaning that the right posture, the proper exercise program and the healthy diet are elements of beauty.

Nevertheless, the opinion on what beauty means and what we are prepared to risk for it varies from woman to woman.

A recent study was conducted precisely on this matter by the University of the West of England and it focused on women studying on campuses all (more…)

Negative Effects of Calcium

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Calcium supplementEver since I was little I was taught by my mother that it’s good to drink a lot of milk in order to have healthy bones.

That’s because calcium was thought to be the king of minerals.

However, lately I’ve come across other studies which suggest that calcium intake may not be all that efficient or good.

1. Greater amounts of calcium do not lessen the risk of fractures

Calcium certainly is vital for bone growth and development. The daily necessary amount of this mineral is of about 700 mg. While (more…)

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