Reasons Why Light Or Diet Food May Be Harmful To Your Body

Dr Pepper diet canI’m sure that everyone has chosen a light product instead of a regular one at least once in their lives, thinking about their diets, calories and how it would help them lose weight.

I’m not sure if this comes as a surprise for you, but the so-called “light” or “diet” food won’t help your waist get any smaller and, worse, it’s not good for your health. This is why.


It’s well known that excess fat is harmful, but remember that there is good fat and bad fat. By eliminating all the fat from your diet, you may exclude essential fats, such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, which have a role in absorbing some vitamins, in strengthening the cells or in the hormonal activity.

The fat-free or “light” products replace some of the natural fats with artificial ones, such as gums, starches and all kinds of additives, which are mostly unknown to us. These ingredients also contain calories, so the difference may not be that big… Why wouldn’t you have the regular product then instead of the fat-free one?

Also, be careful with the products that have replaced the fat with carbohydrates! This tricks the body, which doesn’t feel so full and needs much more food to finally get satisfied, resulting in a massive in-take of carbs, which surely won’t help you lose weight (nor maintain it).


When you buy something sweet, marketed as being “sugar free”, know that there are artificial sweeteners acting as replacements. Although some of these have only few calories, they are sweeter actually than sugar. The explanation lies in the fact that although their origin is, supposedly, sugar or some plant, they have surely undergone some process before ending on the table.

Consumed excessively, these artificial sweeteners can cause diarrhea, problems regarding the blood sugar level and, unfortunately, even cancer. So unless you have diabetes, I’m sure you can afford to allow sugar in your diet, making it up by exercising a little bit more.

As a last piece of advice, check the labels! Normally, if the product you’ve chosen is really a light one, than it should have really small amounts of fat, sugar or salt. Compare the light product with a regular one, and if the difference isn’t that big, think twice before deciding to give your body even more unhealthy food.

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