Revolutionary Fitness Trends

Gyrotonics Fitness studios are entering a new era. From now on, there should be no more complaining about the old and dull exercising routines. If you got bored of the same gym, if you hate running on a treadmill and refuse lifting heavy objects, here are some new fitness trends that might freshen up your perspectives:

1. Gyrotonic

How about an exercise based on yoga, ballet, swimming and gymnastics? Gyrotonic Expansion System or the GSX is the invention of Juliu Horvath, a Hungarian ballet dancer. Although the machines look rather frightening, almost anyone who tried it, labeled this as ‘the modern yoga’. The class combines movements from ballet, tai chi, yoga, gymnastics and swimming for an all around fitness experience.

2. Fluidity Exercise Bar

Fluidity bar

For cardio workouts fans, this may not be the right choice. However, if you like stretching like a cat, this will be your bet. These bars elegantly combine resistance and strength. If you order them online, they even come with a DVD and interactive diet guide. The routine mixes both seated and standing moves, which will make you feel as light as a hairball. Some say it could beat Pilates!

3. Spynga

SpyngaThe next craze caught the whole Hollywood. Who would think that sweating profusely could be so sexy?
Ladies, here is what happens when spinning meets yoga: Spynga.

Mixing is like engaging mind, body, spirit and every single muscle. Some celebrities even say that this is the best workout ever. It starts with a high-speed turn on the bike, and continues with the deep relaxation of a yoga class. According to fitness experts, this is the ultimately workout, which nourishes the body and the mind, simultaneously. That is a deep ‘fountain of youth’ you might want to dive in.

Let us not forget that taking care of our bodies does not have to be drudgery. Even more, let us have fun!

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  1. Brad

    6. October 2010 | 14:23 h

    In US, Gyrotonics is only for rich chicks, and damn those machine look weird..not friendly at all. Not to mention they’re incredible expensive..and not very comfortable for guys!

  2. Roxana

    6. October 2010 | 17:01 h

    Good to know!
    PS:Spynga sounds sooo much like fuuunn :)

  3. Brianna

    6. October 2010 | 22:22 h

    I have to admit spynga is my favorite, as well, it’s the only one I would actually try:)too bad no gym in my country has it..maybe soon:)until then, jog till drop!

  4. Cass

    7. October 2010 | 14:59 h

    That interactive diet guide they give you with the fluidity bar -it’d better be good! ‘Cause I am not sure it’s worth $490.
    Still I would try spynga anytime …

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