Run for the Marathon!

RunnerAre you a runner? I mean, do you love running more than any other fitness exercise? Or you wish you were able to run more, but you lack the motivation? Let’s prepare for running a marathon! I think that would definitely inspire and determine me to run religiously every day.

So, if you do decide to follow me in this attempt to train for the marathon, then let’s have a look at some tips offered by the Women’s Sports Foundation:

  1. first of all, you should be able to run some 15-25 miles a week; if you run daily, then this is something which will not take you very long to accomplish; but, you have to be careful not to increase your mileage too quickly; this can result in injuries, such as muscle strains or fractures;
  2. you should also include in your everyday run an element that differentiates your training from what you’re used to and which makes it a bit more difficult; you might try running at faster speeds, or running uphill;
  3. although you should run more and even faster, you must remember that it is very important to have at least a day of rest each week;
  4. don’t forget that warming up before running is not only recommended – it is vital; as are stretching and strengthening sessions; this helps our skeletal and muscle structure stay healthy and removes some of the strain caused by constant running;
  5. compensate the calories you burn by running with a proper diet; specialists recommend small, but rich in nutrients portions every 3-4 hours; your diet should include a lot of carbohydrates – about 65%, then protein – 25% and fat – 10%;
  6. make sure your outfit is appropriate for your training; the clothes should keep sweat away from your body; at the same time, see that your running shoes fit you well and aren’t worn out; also, it seems that red and orange colored outfits increase body temperature and blood circulation, which keeps your energy up longer;
  7. in case you miss training a few times, don’t try to compensate by straining yourself during the following days; this will only result in pain and even injuries; it’s best to just try to keep your workout sessions steady and regular;
  8. try some other workout activities parallel to running, such as swimming or cycling; this will remove focus from the areas of your body which are most worn by running; it will also contribute to your general wellbeing and prepare you for the race;
  9. in case you feel pain, you HAVE to go see a doctor; do no oversee such signs of overtraining and take care of your health; after all, nothing matters, not even winning, if you can’t rejoice over it.

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