Slimming And Toning Belts

Slimming beltI see them every day at TV, during commercials and I’ve been tempted a lot of times to pick up the phone and order one for myself.

But every time I thought: are they really effective, will they help me lose weight?

Sure, the persons who present the product are slim and fit, and their muscles look like they’re not real.

So will I get the same muscles if I use that product too?

How can a belt make you lose weight and gain muscles at the same time, without actually exercising?

To answer all these questions, I decided to do some research to see how the product works, what people who used it say about it and specialists’ opinion on this product.

The Promoters

The promoters of the product claim that it is the perfect way to lose weight and build muscles. The belts are designed to electro stimulate your muscles and contract them as if you were exercising when you’re actually not.

The technique is based on slow electric impulses sent to the muscles, forcing them to contract. In one minute, you get about 400 contractions, being 7 times more efficient and faster than the usual physical exercise.

It can also work on two different groups of muscles at the same time. It is easy to use, makes no noise and can be adjusted to your needs, having 8 different programs and 10 levels of intensity.

So basically, you can just sit in front of the TV or do the chores around the house and let the belt do all the work for you. It is said that it takes only 10 minutes per day to get the maximum benefits and see results in no time.

The belt is designed to work all the parts of your body, toning and lifting all your muscles.

The customers’ opinion

Customers’ opinions about these belts are various, many of them being completely different. Some of the people who used it claim to have lost inches around their waist, hips and thighs. For others, this belt didn’t work that well: either they didn’t lose an inch or they did but not as fast as they hoped.

I did not use it, but from others experience I guess it is safe to say that this product doesn’t work the same for everyone. It’s like with normal physical exercise: you don’t lose weight unless you combine it with a diet, you can get sore muscles after using it and you can’t expect to lose all the extra weight you have in no time, without efforts , just by using it.

The specialists’ opinion

Specialists’ opinions are diverse too. The fact is that in the U.S., the devices which use electrical stimulation are regulated and certified by the FDA.

These devices had at the beginning a different approach in the eyes of specialists, being used mostly as a form of therapy for the relaxation of muscle spasms, prevention of the disuse atrophy and to increase local blood circulation.

Nowadays, such devices are also used for other purposes. The FDA certifies two types of devices: the ones meant for muscle toning (belt-like devices) and the ones used for therapy (available under medical prescription).

The FDA usually rejects certification of devices which claim to help one lose weight. That is because in the opinion of specialists, to lose spot fat deposits only by exercising the group of muscles underneath it, even electrically, doesn’t work.

The only way to burn that fat is when the muscles, heart and respiratory systems are all engaged at once. Moreover, these devices should not be used on vital parts of the body (e.g. across the chest), or during pregnancy, menstruation or other medical conditions.

To conclude, don’t expect these belts to work wonders on you. What they can do is to help you tone your muscles and shape your body, but only when you follow a diet too and do some other light regular exercise.

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